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Jurgen Klopp responds to Allardyce calling him a “soft German”


Jurgen Klopp was called “a soft German” by Sunderland Manager Sam Allardyce after Liverpool’s 1-0 victory at the Stadium of Light. That was rather bizarre. There are many widely held negative stereotypes about Germans out there, but “soft” is probably the last pejorative association that would come to mind.

Klopp and his club visit West Ham this weekend, and the Reds boss had this to say in his preview news conference:

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Notre Dame Football vs Ohio St: Fiesta Bowl Preview


Somebody call up Gnarls Barkley, or maybe the Pussycat Dolls and get them booked for the Fiesta Bowl halftime show because it’s 2006 all over again.

Notre Dame football will once again face Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl. Maybe we can get in the ’06 spirit by using MySpace to discuss how important the Ohio electoral races will be in the midterms.

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Jim Harbaugh Khakis; 9 more Iconic coach clothing articles

jim-harbaugh-michigan football 2015 nfl mock draft

Jim Harbaugh is known simply as “khakis” or “Coach Khakis” these days. On the other side of the “The Game”/the biggest rivalry in all of sports, you had “The Vest” or “The Sweater Vest” in Jim Tressel. When it comes to coaches, the great ones are often defined by a single piece of clothing that they sport incessantly.

Whether outerwear or headwear, or anything else, that piece of clothing becomes their trademark.

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Arsene Wenger says he’ll buy more players this January


Arsene Wenger says he’ll acquire more players this upcoming January transfer window.

“I’ve already said we are a bit short. We will be busy,” Wenger is quoted in Sky Sports.

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Fiesta Bowl: 6 likely 2016 NFL 1st round picks to watch


Wait, “Battlefrog” Fiesta Bowl? What on Earth is Battlefrog? Is that like the “Duck Commander Independence Bowl?” What happened to “this is for all the Tostitos?”

Also, that was really bold of Brent Musburger by the way, doing sponsored content while calling a Field Goal Attempt. That call, and Fiesta Bowl game was actually long before most of us knew what the words “sponsored content” and “native advertising” actually meant.

Moving on…

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Northwestern football vs Tennessee: Outback Bowl Preview


Northwestern football fans need to, in the words of Mark Ronson, “show up and show out” for this one. They have a New Year’s Six Bowl resume with a solid 10-2 record. Those two losses came to teams with a combined record of 21-3.

They’re facing another rock solid team in SEC foe Tennessee. NU deserves a lot more attention, both from the fans and the media than they have been receiving. You guys need to do a better job supporting your team.

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Louis van Gaal thinks he had a very good year, minus December


Manchester United Manager Louis van Gaal gave his prematch preview press conference today (here’s video and some quotes from that). During the session, he gave a very rosy assessment of the year.

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Tottenham’s Kyle Walker meets WWE Wrestler Finn Balor (video)


The Official Tottenham Hotspur YouTube channel has been producing a lot of great content lately and that trend continues with this video of Kyle Walker meeting WWE wrestler and NXT Champion Finn Bálor.

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USWNT World Cup title, Deflategate depicted by Marshmallow Peeps (photos)


2015 was still a year that really belonged to the United States Women’s National Team. They brought home America’s first Cup since 1999. So while the USWNT was the most unifying and uplifting national sports story of 2015 that we all rallied behind, Deflategate was the most repugnant story that unified us in our fatigue from it.

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady

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Michigan State football Preview: Cotton Bowl vs Alabama Crimson Tide


It’s the biggest Michigan State football game since 1966. That’s about all you need to say in hyping and introducing this one. In the first 114 years of Michigan State football they haven’t had as many 11 win seasons as they’ve had in the past five. This game will give Mark Dantonio a chance to show that Michigan State football is on par with Tom Izzo with Michigan State basketball.

It’s currently the Golden Age of athletics in East Lansing, but a football national title would go nicely in Mark Hollis’ collection; to accompany the basketball national title from 2000.

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Chip Kelly to the Tennessee Titans needs to happen


During the week leading into the NFL Draft, we incessantly heard rumors linking the Philadelphia Eagles into the Tennessee Titans #2 overall draft slot, therefore making it possible for Chip Kelly to select his former quarterback Marcus Mariota.

What a great setup that would be- Kelly leading his protege once again and the perfect “system QB” playing in the system perfect for him.

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Alex Morgan Tops 15 Most Viewed of All Time List


We close out The Sports Bank most popular, and best of collection for the year with the 15 most read articles/posts whatever of all time! Alex Morgan rules! And although she didn’t do much in the actual World Cup, 2015 was still a year that really belonged to the United States Women’s National Team. They brought home America’s first Cup since 1999.

Alex Morgan and the rest of the USWNT will be HUGE again this summer, as we head to the summer Olympics in Rio.


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