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Michigan State “team stream” details for Final 4 unveiled


A lot of people couldn’t understand the simple concept of the “team stream” at this time last year. They were confused as to why the people calling the Final Four on a certainly channel were so brazenly homerific. Of course, these same people wouldn’t know what the word “brazen” means anyway.

Despite the fact that the team stream designation was right there on the screen the entire time, people seemed to be very confused.

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NASCAR, Nike condemn Indiana’s new anti-LGBT law


Indiana’s bigoted and discriminatory “Religious Freedom Restoration” law is getting condemned all over the sporting world. Even NCAA President Mark Emmert, usually as clueless as they come when it comes to powerful sports figures espousing sociopolitical ideas in public, seems to get it on this one.

While Emmert was more moderate about how wrong this unjust law is, both NASCAR and Nike went all in deriding it.

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Mark Emmert FINALLY says the right thing on an important issue


NCAA President Mark Emmert is notorious for looking terribly tone deaf in interviews. More often than not, Emmert says things that make him and the NCAA look terribly out of touch, and in the court of public opinion, Emmert gets destroyed over and over again whenever he speaks in public.

Not this time though!

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How would Frank Kaminsky fit with the L.A. Lakers?

l.a. lakers jeremy lin

The Los Angeles Lakers are in year two of what will be a very lengthy re-build. L.A. might not even be done with the tear down component of the cumulative makeover project yet. Lakers fan have to brace themselves for the fact that next year could also be a very long year. Hopefully, it should be better than this season has been, but it’s going to be awhile before The Lake Show is center stage again. The L.A. Lakers need pieces.

They don’t have many building blocks right now.

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Is Danica Patrick finally turning the corner?


NASCAR BADLY needs star power to revive its popularity. This season, the stock car racing league needs some life injected into it. Danica Patrick, if she can finally close the deal and win a race, would be that boost NASCAR needs. Of course, if Patrick can develop into a solid driver, not just mediocre, but actually solid, and legitimate, it would be PHENOMENAL for the sport.

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Chicago Wolves end March on winning streak

Chicago Wolves forward Ty Rattie

The old adage ‘In like a lion, out like a lamb’ applied to the Chicago Wolves venture through March, but a but differently. A slow start to the month turned into a scoring outage, followed by a five-game winning streak against conference opponents. Chicago enters the final stretch of the regular season in the seventh spot of the Western Conference standings. [Read more…]

Detailing the brilliance of White Sox GM Rick Hahn this offseason


The team on the opposite side of town may have everyone talking during spring training, but it is Rick Hahn and the White Sox are making the real noise leading up to the 2015 MLB season. After finishing 73-89, Hahn has quietly had a spectacular offseason by adding pieces thru free agency that have reshaped the White Sox into a contender for this year’s AL Central crown.

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Chicago Cubs fans are totally delusional about Kris Bryant


I have never been kind when talking about the intellectual capacity of Chicago Cubs fans… and I am not going to start now. With less than 2 weeks to go in spring training, the “debate” of Kris Bryant ’s future has been a hot topic for Cubs fans. The term “debate” is used loosely when describing the Bryant situation since it is obvious that the Cubs should keep him down for the first couple weeks so they have full control over him for another year.

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Why does Tom Izzo always succeed in March? Scheduling

michigan-state-basketball tum tum nairn-tom-izzo

It’s a familiar script- a traditional rite of passage each March. As flowers begin to blossom so does the Michigan State basketball team coached by Tom Izzo.

Maybe Izzo was right after all when he put the national networks on notice following his team’s win at Illinois on February 23rd. Izzo won a pivotal game that held huge consequences for both teams. Izzo then called out the national media that night for their depiction of the Big Ten as mediocre.

As Tom Izzo said, the Big Ten isn’t very top heavy, but they do have a bunch of solid, competitive teams. Most people would agree with that sentiment.

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Police report: Chelsea has the most racist fan incidents in Premier League

chelsea fc

Chelsea FC sit atop the table in the Barclay’s Premier League. They’ve led wire to wire this season and are/have been the runaway favorites to win the 2014-15 championship. Unfortunately, Chelsea also tops the table in racist incidents perpetrated by their supporters. Five Chelsea fans will be in court this week because of an ugly bigoted incident in which they stopped a black man from boarding a Paris Metro train.

The Blues fans sang a tune with racist abusive language while denying the man entrance to the train car. This all occurred ahead of their Champions League clash at Paris St. Germain last month, and the perpetrators face potential bans from football grounds, if found guilty, according to the Mirror. Video of the incident trended worldwide for days in traditional media, new media and social media.

It even inspired West Ham supporters to make a parody (link).

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Jalen Rose, Carlos Boozer and other bizarre Chicago Bulls record book anomalies


The first use of “OMG,” according to Britain’s national magazine, was way back in 1917.

There is record of Lord Fisher using this astonishment acronym in a letter to Winston Churchill nearly a century ago.

Today we have #OMGFacts and looking at the Chicago Bulls all time record book, there are a lot of “OMG Facts” to be found. We can start with ESPN Analyst Jalen Rose, who holds the second highest per game scoring average (minimum 100 games) in Chicago Bulls history.

I’m sure you can guess who’s first!

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Steven Gerrard gets red card; mocked by social media world


Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard is certainly ending his Reds career with a…well he’s definitely not going out on a high note that’s for sure. The 34 year old LFC skipper was sent off for stamping on Manchester United midfielder Ander Herrera. Gerrard came on as a halftime substitute and was sent off after just 38 seconds in the 2-1 defeat to United.

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