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United’s Juan Mata, David De Gea make Spain World Cup final cut


The defending World Cup champions have named their 23 man roster for the 2014 Tournament in Rio. Spain’s squad includes Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata and goalkeeper David De Gea. United supporters will be doubly pleased, make that quadruply pleased by the announcement of the final roster for the Spanish side because Manchester City pair Alvaro Negredo and Jesus Navas were left out.

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Donald Sterling gets $2.2 Billion rise in total net worth. CONSPIRACY!




So Donald Sterling sees his net worth increase by $2.2 BILLION when all the dust has settled on the sale of the L.A. Clippers. Maybe V. Stiviano and Donald Sterling are a real life Max Bialystock and Leo Bmoom from Mel Brooks’ “The Producers.”

Just try to be as distasteful and offensive as possible, and you’ll find a back-door way to making way more money as a failure than you would as a success.

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Frank Vogel: “Lebron, Heat the Michael Jordan, Bulls of our era”


Indiana Pacers Coach Frank Vogel, or mini Tom Thibodeau as he’s often called had very high praise for Lebron James and the Miami Heat. Here’s a tweet of his quote from Larry Hawley Fox 59 Indianapolis:

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Five reasons the L.A. Clippers, like Washington, need a name change now


The L.A. Clippers may have the most uninteresting and unoriginal logo in all of professional sports. They certainly have the most unoriginal color scheme. The L.A. Clippers are literally red, white and blue like the American flag. Like many other sports franchises, it’s an obvious pandering to your patriotism through their brand.

Only the Clippers are actually the shame, not pride of the greatest nation right now. Donald Sterling was voted the most hated man in our great country by a recent online poll. Yet, he sees his net worth increase by $2.2 Billion dollars as a direct result of his repulsive bigotry. What kind of message does that send?

Nevertheless, as Sterling gets the boot, so should the stupid nickname and mundane logo.

Here’s why:

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2014 Cubs: top 7 publicity stunts distracting you from the team’s record


The Chicago Cubs have been brilliantly marketed. You can thank current Chicago Blackhawks President John McDonough for that.

Obviously, it takes a village of marketing experts (yes, intentional Hillary Clinton reference there, as she sometimes pretends to be a Cubs fan, when she’s not pretending to be a Yankees fan) to successfully sell “Margaritaville” here, but McDonough is the main man who made that happen.

It’s no small feat- making a decrepit, decaying ballpark in a cold weather climate hosting a 106-years-and-counting title drought the venue for 81 pseudo Jimmy Buffett concerts every “summer.” However, since McDonough left, the Cubs marketing department has been off their game somewhat. The 2014 Cubs are clearly grasping at straws now.

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Illini football vs Washington Huskies will be a FOX NATIONAL game


Tim Beckman will be on the big stage! Illini football vs Washington on September 13th was just announced as a nationally televised game on Fox. Not Fox Sports 1 or Fox Sports 2, or FSN Regional networks, but regular old non-cable Fox.

Yes, Illini football is now going to be a marquee, signature game on that specific college football Saturday. Is Becks ready for this?

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How Twitter is indirectly driving up Sports franchise valuations


The Milwaukee Bucks and L.A. Clippers both sold for an OBSCENE amount of money. This despite both franchises being a complete joke within the NBA. The Bucks and Clippers are synonymous with losing, and being irrelevant most of the time. Yet, the Clips went for $2 billion, and the Bucks half a billion? Even though both teams are pretty awful brands when stacked up versus other local franchises.

Channeling the Talking Heads, “And you may ask yourself…well…how did I get here?”

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Wisconsin Badgers basketball: naming/building the all time team


Who’s on your Wisconsin Badgers basketball all time team? What kind of lineup would you put out there. Friends of The Sports Bank program will have a list for us soon ranking the top Wisconsin Badgers basketball players of all time. We’ll update this post again when that list arrives and you can vote up or down all the Wisconsin Badgers basketball players.

In the meantime though, we have another way to inspire debate…..

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Jenny Dell and NESN parting ways, Fox Sports 1 next?


NESN announced today that Jenny Dell will no longer work for them, and that today will be her last day. As she used to work for NESN, her true former employer was actually the Boston Red Sox. Because NESN is owned by the team itself and acts as an extension of the Red Sox marketing and promotional departments.

The Boston Globe reported earlier this year that she is in talks with another network, and there’s been widespread speculation that her new landing place will indeed be Fox Sports 1.

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VIDEO: Former Manchester United star Michael Owen on the World Cup


Former Manchester United striker Michael Owen gave an interview detailing the upcoming World Cup, with a a special focus on how he projects the English National team to performs.

How far does Michael Owen see England going?

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Game 5 only verifies that the Indiana Pacers have ZERO chance in the series

indiana pacers.

Paul George had 37 points and six steals to help the Indiana Pacers erase a nine point halftime deficit, but did their win do anything more than delay the inevitable for 48 hours?

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ESPN Pres. John Skipper on what will become of big time college sports


It’s actually been awhile since we’ve heard anything about the imminent revolution coming in college basketball and college football. There hasn’t been much publicity surrounding the unionization effort, CAPA, Northwestern football, Kain Colter etc. etc. Which is obviously a stark contrast from January-April when we heard about it incessantly.

Also we never heard from the man Sports Illustrated called the “4th most powerful person in sports,” John Skipper, President of ESPN on the matter. We do now, as a reporter recently asked him about the possible revolution taking place within college sports.

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