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Bears Evan Rodriguez: alleged woman beater adds DUI to his rap sheet


The Chicago Bears may have some “character issues” with Tight End Evan Rodriguez. You know, once is an accident. Twice is coincidence. Three times is a trend. And now a fourth run-in with the law? Ladies and gentlement Evan Rodriguez.

This is altercation number four for the 27 overall in the 2012 NFL Draft by the Chicago Bears.

Evan Rodriguez has a felony assault charge, which eventually was reduced to a misdemeanor disturbance and trespassing charge after he allegedly beat a female residence hall advisor during his time at West Virginia.

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Help the Dallas Mavericks redesign their uniforms (UPDATE PHOTOS)


The Dallas Mavericks colloquially known as the Mavs are looking to redesign their uniforms. The Dallas Mavericks have won one NBA championship, three division titles, and two conference championships. Now they need the help of the fans in creating their next unis.

The Dallas Mavericks are owned by serial entrepreneur Mark Cuban (who also owns numerous other businesses, including the HD cable network AXS TV). Mark Cuban made his fortune in tech. You can make a fortune too. You can make a lot of money if you do NBA betting at Top Bet.

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Former Chicago Bulls Assistant joins Wisconsin Badgers staff


Former Chicago Bulls Assistant Erik Helland has joined the Wisconsin Badgers basketball program as the team’s strength and conditioning coach. Helland served on the Chicago Bulls strength and conditioning staff since 1988 and the head strength coach since 2001.

Helland’s tenure with the Bulls included six NBA championships, including a pair of three-peats, and an NBA record 72 regular-season wins in 1995-96. Helland also oversaw the strength and physical development of Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame honorees Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and Robert Parish.

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LA Kings Twitter account: funniest official account around


Most official sports teams Twitter accounts are very dry and dull. And/or overly positive all the time. The LA Kings Twitter account is an exception. At times it can be quite funny, snarky and irreverent.

They’re actually redefining sports and social media. As the home town Chicago Blackhawks prepare to meet the LA Kings in the NHL Western Conference Finals this weekend, it’s probably a good idea to keep on eye on the LA Kings Twitter account.

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Sacramento Kings now move forward under new leadership

sacramento kings

The Sacramento Kings were one of the more fascinating teams to follow in the NBA this past season… and not because of anything that happened on the floor.  Mayor Kevin Johnson’s hard work paid off immensely as the franchise remains in Sac-town rather than heading north to Seattle.  The team also has new ownership and a needed fresh breath of air as the Maloof Brothers finally sold the organization.

With that soap opera behind them, the Sacramento Kings sorely need new direction moving forward beginning this NBA off-season.

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Philadelphia Eagles Coach Chip Kelly quasi-endorses The Sports Bank


For the 2011-12 holidays I was in sunny Pasadena, enjoying the absolutely first rate hospitality a media member receives when covering the Rose Bowl; the greatest bowl game of them all. And to top it all off:

I’m told by the winning coach of a BCS game (Oregon Ducks’ Chip Kelly) that my business and marketing ideas are superb! In a crowded room full of my media peers no less!

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Detroit Pistons must learn from 2009 off-season and spend wisely

detroit pistons

The Detroit Pistons enter the NBA off-season with plenty of salary cap flexibility.  That doesn’t mean they should overpay average talent and throw ridiculous contract offers out this summer like they did in 2009 when they kill their cap space on Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva.  The goal this off-season; improve the roster but be smart about it.

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Chicago Bears Full Offseason Recap Part 4: Overall

Offseason Overall

The offseason in Chicago usually leaves fans cringing and complaining about what the team did (or didn’t do) to “get better”. This offseason, however, has set the Chicago Bears up to take a huge leap forward this season and for many to come.

Part 1: Coaching Staff

Part 2: Free Agency

Part 3: NFL Draft

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Sexual assault joke made by LA Kings Twitter Account


An unfortunate, off-color sexual assault joke was tweeted on the LA Kings Twitter account tonight.

Most official sports teams Twitter accounts are very dry and dull. And/or overly positive all the time. The LA Kings Twitter account is an exception. At times it can be quite funny, snarky and irreverent. Unfortunately, the LA Kings went a little too far by letting Kevin Ryder, of the Kevin and Bean show on KROQ Los Angeles, live Tweet the LA Kings vs. San Jose Sharks Stanley Cup playoff game.

Ryder took over during the second period of Tuesday night’s game.

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Chicago Blackhawks vs defending champion L.A. Kings preview


The Chicago Blackhawks finished a comeback against the rival Detroit Red Wings that had players and fans bracing for any and everything.

Welp, forget it all.

Sending Detroit off to the Eastern Conference after being down 3-1 in the series was a splendid site, but dwelling now could put Chicago at a deficit. Hard to believe that as you read this, the players and coaching staff are now focusing on the defending Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings.

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Danica Patrick begins summer stretch


As the calendar turns to June, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series begins the summer stretch of races, the majority of which are in the northern “cold” part of the country. For Danica Patrick, it means a lot of tracks she’s familiar with from her Nationwide days. And Danica Patrick is from near the Illinois and Wisconsin border, so she’s familiar with the snow belt.

Of the next eight races on the schedule, Danica Patrick has raced at seven of them in one series or another, save for Pocono, sight of next week’s Sprint Cup race.

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MSNBC really having some serious issues now


America may be a more liberal nation; and becoming more progressive each day. However, that doesn’t mean the liberal propaganda network is doing well in ratings. It’s actually quite the opposite. It’s right-wing propaganda network, Fox News Channel, which is #1. Both Fox News and MSNBC are unwatchable crapola.

However, it’s not as bad CNN. At least MSNBC and Fox News Channel have political biases. The bias of CNN is towards…being bad at reporting? Reporting fluff? Sucking at life? But MSNBC is even losing to them.

Actually MSNBC is losing to something I’ve never even heard of.

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