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What happened to Alexandra Wallace (Racist YouTube UCLA Girl)?


You’ve probably heard of the racist “UCLA Girl” as she’s known, Alexandra Wallace. Back in 2011, she received death threats due to her moronic YouTube rant against Asian student cell phone usage in the school library. She did issue a public apology in the school newspaper, and later left UCLA. Making racist defamatory remarks slandering against Asians and Asian-Americans, especially in the wake of the Japan tsunami wasn’t so smart.

At least she smart enough to leave school. I don’t know why Alexandra Wallace keeps popping up in the search engines though, or why this post keeps coming back up. Alexandra Wallace comes off as someone with future stripper or Penthouse Pet written all over her. So what did happen to her?

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Inside the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Locker Room (photos)


The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are the world’s most famous cheerleading squad. Not just in the NFL, but the entire world; including NBA dance teams, college football and college basketball. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, or “America’s Sweethearts,” as they’re known in Texas, are a group with a more stringent selection process than Princeton University.

Well, mathematically speaking anyway.

Princeton admissions has a 11% acceptance rate. (Yes I knew that BEFORE the Tina Fey Paul Rudd movie came out) The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders had 2,400 girls try out for 34 spots. Yes, you were told that there would be no math in this post. And given the intro picture of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, who wants to think about math.

And for our photo gallery of the hottest cheerleaders in college football, the Oregon Ducks spirit squad go here

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Alabama Crimson Tide A.D. passes away; successor named


The ship of Alabama Crimson Tide athletics has a new Captain tonight. Bill Battle is the new Director of Athletics for The University of Alabama, after the passing of Mal Moore this afternoon. Moore was 73. He died Saturday at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.C. Moore had been hospitalized for approximately three weeks due to a pulmonary condition

The Alabama Crimson Tide Director of Athletics from 1999 to 2013, Moore was a football player under legendary Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Paul W. “Bear” Bryant from 1958-62 and went on to serve as an assistant football coach on Bryant’s staff. Moore held the distinction of being a part of ten national championship teams as a player, coach and athletics director.

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Kate Upton Easter Bunny (video)

kate upton-bikini

The Kate Upton Easter Bunny video? Yep, it’s that time of year again. We don’t do a lot of holiday themed programming here at The Sports Bank. But this video, sent in by Bob’s Blitz (he runs a fine site, check it out) is one that warrants exception.

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UCLA hires Steve Alford: bad coach, AWFUL human being


Twitter just exploded with the news that the UCLA Bruins have hired Steve Alford away from New Mexico. Steve Alford is not an upgrade over the just fired Ben Howland. Alford went to one sweet sixteen, 14 years and three jobs ago. Alford hasn’t advanced past the round-of-32 in his last 6 NCAA Tournaments, compiling a tourney record of just 5-7.

And Steve Alford had just “agreed” to a 10 year, $20 million contract extension with the Lobos ten days ago.

“We’ve really started to put our imprint on the program,” Alford told the media.

So either contract extensions mean nothing, or the word of Steve Alford means nothing or the contract extensions of Steve Alford mean nothing. His buyout was “just” one million. However, as bad as Steve Alford is at coaching during March madness, he’s a much worse human being.

During his time leading the Iowa Hawkeyes, Alford was basically a sympathizer for committing sexual assault. Alford tried to make himself, the Hawkeyes program, and his player who committed the act, Pierre Pierce the victim. Even though there was an actual victim in that situation- the young woman Pierre Pierce sexually assaulted.

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Michigan State versus Duke: This IS March Madness


Michigan State Spartans versus Duke Blue Devils, with a trip to the elite 8 on the line. This IS college basketball. Tom Izzo versus Mike Kryz……Coach K.! Between the two programs you have: 62 NCAA Tournament appearances, 150 NCAA Tournament victories, 23 Final Fours, 7 runner-up finishes and 6 national titles. Time to cue the CBS March Madness theme song.

This game has another built-in storyline with Northwestern hiring a new coach: Duke Blue Devils Assistant Chris Collins, local guy and son of former Chicago Bulls coach Doug Collins. It’s now official. The Minnesota Golden Gophers were after Collins, but they will have to look elsewhere concerning their current coaching vacancy. Regardless, NU fans should be rooting for Michigan State Friday night versus Duke. Not just for Big Ten pride, but to expedite regime change.

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Cubs promo and events schedule released: including Oktoberfest!


The Chicago Cubs revealed today their promotional and special events calendars for the 2013 season. Details follow. Being of German descent, the highlight for me is Oktoberfest. And who would ever think “Cubs” and “October” together in a positive light. Heck, who would even think of “Cubs” and “October” together. So grab your Spaten or Bitburger or Gluwein and raise your glass to the Cubs special days/nights in 2013.

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Ohio State football practice overshadowing Elite 8 appearance


To say that Ohio State football is a religion is to undermine both college football and organized religion. Most churches envy both the size and devotion of the Ohio State football flock. In the Buckeye state Ohio State football is bigger than Jesus, Allah, Buddah, Moses, Pope Francis, Vishnu, Martin Luther, Joseph Smith, Zoroaster and L. Ron Hubbard COMBINED.

And even spring college football is a big deal in Columbus. Although, it’s nothing but scrimmages with themselves, it’s more a big deal than the Ohio State Buckeyes basketball team in the NCAA Tournament. Even though Buckeyes hoops reached the Final Four last season, THE Ohio State University DOMINATES the Big Ten conference tournament, and OSU reached the Elite 8 last night, bucknuts are still more interested in Ohio State football in the spring.

Even the polarizing figure of Aaron Craft isn’t enough to move the needle when it comes to hoops. Yesterday’s football scrimmage was attended by Big Ten Network, Eddie George and Notre Dame Public Relations Manager Lou Holtz. Uhm, wasn’t there a basketball game or something on yesterday?

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Phil Jackson’s second tweet: MUCH better than his 1st (video)


NBA coaching legend Phil Jackson is good at self-effacing humor we learned today. The winner of 11 championship rings with the Chicago Bulls and the L.A. Lakers got off to a ROUGH start when joining Twitter a couple days ago. We all had fun at his expense, but Phil Jackson can take/make a joke about Phil Jackson.

His second tweet turned out much better. And offered an explanation as to what went wrong with his first. By the way the Phil Jackson avatar is pretty cool, if I haven’t said so before.

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Annoying Rick Reilly asks Aaron Craft about being Annoying


Aaron Craft vs. Rick Reilly in a battle of who’s more annoying? I’ll go with the untalented ESPN pundit. Rick Reilly is just about as entertaining and interesting as a mosquito bite.

Aaron Craft, the 2013 Big Ten Tournament MVP, is the new Ohio State Buckeyes most polarizing player. Big Ten fans don’t like him too much. If THE Ohio State University goes far in the NCAA tourney, he’ll be as disliked as some Duke Blue Devils players.

There was a “pot calling the kettle black” at NCAA Tournament media day between Reilly and Aaron Craft. Reilly truly looked the fool; a role he’s quite used to. And the Q&A that follows means will soon be subjected to more of his crappy pablum; this time with an “Aaron Craft is annoying” twist.

transcript courtesy of Eleven Warriors

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Tom Crean leading Indiana Basketball to the Final Four?


Is Indiana basketball truly back to it’s former glory?

We’ll find out this weekend. In 2003, Tom Crean led the Marquette Golden Eagles to a somewhat unexpected trip to the Final Four. Ten years later, Crean is looking for a return trip; this time as head coach of the Indiana Basketball.

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NO ONE CARES, but Iowa Hawkeyes in NIT Final Four!


As you are likely unaware, the Iowa Hawkeyes advanced to the NIT semifinals for the first time in school history with wins over Indiana State, Stony Brook and Virginia. The Iowa Hawkeyes will meet Maryland and their NBA lottery pick Alex Len in the semifinals on Tuesday, April 2 at approximately 8:30 p.m. (CDT).

The Iowa Hawkeyes have the prime time game, following BYU vs. Baylor. Now I’m told that for decades long before I was born, the NIT or “Not Invited Tournament” or “Not Important Tournament” was considered a much bigger deal than the NCAA Tournament. I’m also told that cameras were once not digital and people used to use something called a type..?? writer??

Anyways, things change and the Iowa Hawkeyes are winning college basketball games in March; even if it’s in the tournament no one is watching.

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