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Jordyn Wieber: shockingly out of Gymnastics All Around Competition


Jordyn Wieber is an American gymnast. She is the 2011 World All Around Champion and she will compete for the USA at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

And as of now she is eliminated from the all around competition. Shockingly she did not qualify.

Wieber’s favorite musician is Justin Bieber and she hopes to meet him someday. “I’m not sure what it’s going to take to meet Justin Bieber,” she said. “We’ll just have to see if fate brings us together. An Olympic all-around title would definitely help.


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Notre Dame’s Mariel Zagunis: Team USA Olympic flag-bearer


Former University of Notre Dame fencing All-American and national champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist Mariel Zagunis led the 529-member United States Olympic Team as the American flag bearer for the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics Friday night in London, England. Zagunis was chosen for the prestigious honor by a vote of her fellow Team USA members. Michael Phelps dropped out of the vote by the way.

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Team USA rolls France

Team USA

The first game for the 2012 USA Men’s Basketball team is in the books. They throttled their opponent, France, 98-71. Kevin Durant and LeBron James were brilliant for the US, leading them to an easy victory. Great defense led the way to the USA’s blowout of France. Team USA seems destined for Gold. [Read more…]

2012 Big Ten Power Rankings: post media day edition


These are highly subject to change. Brady Hoke remarked at Media Day that UM was picked fifth in their division a year ago; and just outside the top 25 in the year they won their last national title- 1997.

So maybe these rankings don’t really mean all that much? Of course, that won’t stop you from reading them and commenting, right?

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U.S. Olympic Hurdler Lolo Jones: staying a virgin tougher than training (VIDEO)


U.S. Olympian Lolo Jones is one of the biggest track and field stars in the world right now. She’s also considered one of the most photogenic and sexiest people in the 2012 London Olympics. 

ESPN did a great feature on her during his LSU days, and she’s one of the favorites for the hurdles this Olympic games.

In an interview with HBO’s “Real Sports,” 29-year-old Olympic silver medalist Jones said saving herself for marriage has been harder than training for two Summer Games. (h/t Yahoo)

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Lolo Jones and Kerri Walsh do Fitness Magazine photo shoot, interview


Olympians Lolo Jones and Kerri Walsh are rocking red, white and blue for the July/August issue of  FITNESS Magazine in advance of London 2012. Lolo opens up about shedding her reputation as “The girl who messed up” and going for gold in London and Kerri chats about being a mom, crushing the competition and having Misty May-Treanor’s back.

After the jump see the new advance pics and excerpt from the article.

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1992 Dream Team vs. 2008 Redeem Team


Few people can debate that the 2008 Olympics will mainly be remembered as the Summer Games when swimming was the most important: program on TV, topic at work and event to schedule your evening plans around. Michael Phelps owned NBC, Beijing and the Water Cube for 8 days. However, while Phelps garnered more medals than former Olympic Record Holder Mark Spitz, there is another accomplishment within Team USA that is worth taking into consideration, in both the present and past pretenses.

The 2008 USA Men’s Basketball Team is on a mission to reclaim the gold for USA Basketball after a string of sub par performances on the international stage, but they aren’t setting out to just win the gold. They are looking to demolish every opponent in their way. Each and every member of the team has settled into their role making sure that no team can ever question that they were the best.

Except one.

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Former Red Sox All-Star Shea Hillenbrand attempting comeback


One of the more improbable of comeback attempts is that of two-time major league all-star Shea Hillenbrand, who averaged just over 85 runs batted in for his first four full seasons (’02-05 with Boston, Arizona and Toronto) before falling out of any level of affiliated baseball five years ago.  He did log 36 games (.340) with York in 2008.

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2012 Carrier Classic announced: Ohio State vs Marquette


Both the Ohio State men’s and women’s college basketball teams will play in the 2012 Carrier Classic Nov. 9, 2012 in Charleston, S.C.

The event is a doubleheader pitting the Ohio State women’s team against NCAA runner-up Notre Dame and the men’s teams of Marquette, who advanced to the Sweet 16 last season, and Final Four participant Ohio State. It will be played on the USS Yorktown, a museum ship at the Patriots Point historical complex in Mt. Pleasant, S.C., in Charleston Harbor.

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’12 Olympic team would beat ’92 ‘Dream Team’

2012 US Men's basketball team

Kobe Bryant sparked a huge debate a few weeks ago when he said that the 2012 Men’s Olympic Basketball team could beat the 1992 “Dream Team”Michael Jordan laughed, “Dream Team” said the ‘Dream Team’ would win by 25, and Charles Barkley called people “knuckleheads”.

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London 2012 Olympics: USA Swimmer Chloe Sutton photos and bio


The London 2012 Olympics is just weeks away. Here’s another name that’s certain to become household when the summer games start up.

Chloe Sutton  is a world-class open water and pool swimmer from California. She is a 2008 Olympian and has won a total of five medals in major international competitions: three gold, one silver, and one bronze spanning the FINA World Open Water Swimming Championships, the Pan Pacific Swimming Championships, and the Pan American Games. (Open Water Pedia)

More pics of Ms. Sutton, a five national champion in open water after the jump.

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Australian Hurdler Michelle Jenneke jiggles and shakes before race (video)

Australian Hurdler Michelle Jenneke has become an internet sensation and, depending on the type and level of interest you may have, it’s for all of the right reasons.

On July 15th, Jenneke finished fifth in the 2012 IAAF World Junior Championships 100 meter hurdles.  After the competition, a video on her time trial taken during the heats race was subsequently posted on a video social networking site, and raised her profile around the world.

Whether it was a case of nervous energy or the ultimate attempt to tease, her “performance” has set off a firestorm, particularly after a slow-motion re-cut of it that went viral last week.

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