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2011 Looking like CRITICAL year for Detroit Tigers GM


I’m not sure what the Detroit Tigers did to piss off the gods of debilitating injuries, but it’s too late to sacrifice a live chicken on the mound at this point. So Detroit needs MacGyver if it wants any chance of staying in the hunt until Brandon Inge, Magglio Ordonez and Carolos Guillen come back.

But let’s be honest. Starting a paper clip, some duct tape and a box of bubble gum in the infield (yes, that’s about how talented the Tigers infield is right now, even with the addition of Jhonny Peralta) won’t lead to a division championship, even in a division that teams desperately try not to win every year.

So at this point what are the Tigers supposed to do?

Well, nothing. They can’t do anything.

They have too many key injuries and not enough depth in the farm system to either A.) Replace the injured with competent ball players or B.) Trade for competent ball players to fill in for the injured.

By H. Jose Bosch

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Ted Lilly and Ryan Theriot dealt to Dodgers


Cubbies get Blake Dewitt, pitching prospects (including Tim Wallach’s son) in return.

On Major League Baseball trading deadline day the Chicago Cubs acquired infielder Blake DeWitt and minor league right-handed pitching prospects Kyle Smit and Brett Wallach from the Los Angeles Dodgers. In exchange they sent away left-handed pitcher Ted Lilly, infielder Ryan The “The Riot” Theriot and some c.r.e.a.m. (“cash rules everything around me”)

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Cubs Reinstate Emotional Train Wreck Pitcher Big Z


In a move that screams (and when talking about Big Z. you gotta use the word scream) “hey, it’s already broken, so how much more damage can he really do?”

The Chicago Cubs today reinstated right-handed pitcher Carlos Zambrano from the restricted list and kicked right-handed reliever Bob Howry to the curb.

Zambrano made four minor league appearances since being placed on the restricted list June 29 (you might recall why, when he acted like a four year old for what seems like the umpteenth time).  In the minors he helding the opponent scoreless in the first three (4.0 IP) before allowing three runs in 1.0 inning of work July 27 with Triple-A Iowa at Albuquerque. All told, he struck out five compared to one walk in 5.0 innings pitched in one game with the Rookie League Mesa Cubs and three with Iowa .

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Ken Macha Admits His Mancrush on Weeks

Milwaukee Brewers Manager Ken Macha says that Rickie Weeks’ approach and work ethic at the plate makes him one of his favorite players. Macha isn’t sure how to rank them all, he just knows Weeks is up there. He has even compared Rickie to baseball Hall of Famers.

“I don’t know how to rank people. It’s hard to do that,” Macha said. “I talked about [Andre] Dawson the other day because he was going to the Hall of Fame. That’s a pretty high compliment if you’re going to compare the two guys as far as their intensity.

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48 Hour MLB 2010 Trade Summary


For those who have been hiding under a rock, or disconnected from the MLB trade pipeline, we’ve got you covered! Sports Betting News and The Sports Bank bring you the 2010 MLB trade summary of the past 48 hours:

By Soxman

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White Sox Trade Rumors: The latest on Jackson, Dunn, and more

white sox

The 2010 Major League Baseball Trade Deadline is getting down to its final hours and despite other sites predicating that it would come and go quietly, the hot stove has heated up more than Bobby Jenks fastball in the last 48 hours.  Edwin Jackson, Adam Dunn, Roy Oswalt, Scott Podsednik and Adam LaRoche, are just a few of the name floating into the White Sox seas. Here’s your complete summary to date.

By Soxman

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AL Cy Young Watch

2010 has been a year unlike any other in Major League Baseball, particularly on the pitching side of things.

As we were witness to on Monday night, we are truly seeing another year of the pitcher.   [Read more…]

Brewers Say Saturday Can’t Come Soon Enough

Brewers Spring Training

Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?  Like a too-long car ride on a cross-country family vacation, the Milwaukee Brewers just want Saturday’s trade deadline to be over and done with.

“Everyone just wants to get that day over with,” said Corey Hart.  “When we’re past it, we can move forward.”

“It comes and goes.  It’s one of those things where you know business is business,” says Rickie Weeks.  “We’re on a team with talent and you want to keep that. Sometimes you can’t keep it.  Team cohesion, that’s a big part of playing every day in baseball and we want to keep that.”

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Conversing with Lebron Heat Jersey Guy in Cleveland


You heard about the guy who wore a Lebron Heat jersey to a Cleveland IndiansNew York Yankees game Wednesday night? It created such a scene that it became national news, and the story is spreading like wildfire over the internet.

And what happened made a large group of Indians fans look about as uncivilized as they did 36 years ago on Ten Cent Beer night. Yes, whenever you get a large group of New York Yankees fans together, you get MLB’s version of what gets caught in the gene pool skimmer. Yet the Yankee fans present looked downright classy and sophisticated compared to the fun at the old ballpark that went down.

Seriously Cleveland, you had a NBA star. Now he’s gone, GET OVER IT!

But on the other hand, Matt “LeBron Heat Jersey in Cleveland” Bellamy did something described as extremely attention whorish at best, completely knobbish (yes, I know these are not words) at worst. (Or maybe being an attention whore is worse than being a complete knob?) And Ohio State fans, he’s also one of your people. Thought I’d mention it.

By Paul M. Banks

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The Good and Bad of the Matt Capps Deal for the Minnesota Twins

Matt Capps

Roy Oswalt is changing uniforms and his presence instantly makes his new team a World Series contender.

Those words would’ve been music to the ears of Minnesota had the Twins been the team in question. [Read more…]

Fantasy Football Expert Mock Draft: Round 1


The Football Fan Spot Experts League Draft kicked off this week and I, Justin Mertes-Mistretta, was lucky enough to represent The Sports Bank. With the first round in the books, here are the results:

(Keep in mind, the scoring is as follows: non-PPR, 6 pts for any TD, 1 pt for every 10 yards rushing/receiving and 1 pt for every 25 passing yards)

Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6

Round 1 Pick 1

Ryan Lester- Lester’s Legends

Pick: RB Adrian Peterson MIN

I believe Peterson, Chris Johnson, and Maurice Jones-Drew are pretty much on the same level. I expect Chris Johnson to see a decrease in his workload after such a heavy one last year. MJD proved he could be the feature back, but doesn’t get enough help. Meanwhile, Peterson had a monster year despite Favre & Co. taking the lead role in the offense. I think the Vikes run more and pass less this year, which should be huge for All Day.

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Minnesota Twins Trade for Matt Capps; A Win and a Loss?

Minnesota Twins acquired Nationals Closer Matt Capps

Quick question: What would you consider more satisfying, a piece of perfectly seasoned but dry beef jerky that takes a long time to chew before you can swallow it or a super sweet piece of gum that is great tasting at first but eventually leaves your palate bland and must be spit out? Think about it, we’ll get to the point of that query later.

The Twins now have a former Washington Nationals closer as their closer for 2010. Well, they did before today too, but they have a new one, or a different one, or… whatever. The Twins traded Wilson Ramos and a minor league pitcher for Matt Capps Thursday night. I wish I could accurately describe my waffling emotions. It’s taken me nearly an hour just to write an opening paragraph. I don’t really love the trade. I initially hated it. I’m pleased the front office is trying, though I wished they would have gotten a little more to show for “trying.”

If you can’t tell, it’s really hard to judge this trade as it’s one that could have dramatic short and long term ramifications.

By Peter Christian

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