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Notre Dame grads will disown this music Video

jesus notre dame

By Paul M. Banks

I hope, for Notre Dame‘s sake, that their application for the Big Ten distances themselves as far as possible from the “We are ND” music video. It’s so bad that the unintentional comedy scale is through the roof. Aside from the singing, attempts at rapping, beat, melody and lyrics, the song is pretty good.

It’s sooooooooooooooooo bad that I won’t watch it a second time, even though it’s filled with cheerleaders. You know something is awful when even numerous gratuitous cheerleader shots can’t make it viewable. I think Brian Kelly and Mike Golic should somehow digitize themselves out of this.

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Bucks Jennings, Bulls Gibson make NBA All-Rookie Team

brandon jennings bucks

Tyreke Evans of the Sacramento Kings, Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors were unanimous selections to the 2009-10 T-Mobile NBA All-Rookie First Team, the NBA announced today.

Rounding out the T-Mobile NBA All-Rookie First Team are New Orleans’ Darren Collison (46 points) and Chicago Bulls’ Taj Gibson (41 points).

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Can Da’Sean Butler be Mr. Clutch in the NBA?

bob huggins dasean butler

By Paul M. Banks and David Kay

When last we saw West Virginia’s Da’Sean Butler, it was in one of the most heart-wrenching and iconic moments of the 2010 college basketball Final Four. As he lay on the Lucas Oil Stadium floor clutching his severely injured leg, his controversial coach Bob Huggins hovered over.

Huggie Bear comforted his player, in an extremely close fashion that almost resembled how closely I would like to comfort Megan Fox, if she were lying on the floor, and asked me to pleasantly reassure her.

The Huggins-Butler moment was even immortalized in 2010’s “One Shining Moment.” But what’s next for Butler in the NBA? Will his teammate Devin Ebanks be selected ahead of him?

Will the torn ACL hurt his NBA draft stock?

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West Virginia’s Ebanks is a Draft Wildcard

devin ebanks

By Paul M. Banks and David Kay

In helping lead West Virginia to their first college basketball Final Four since 1958, extremely gangly (6-9, 205) forward Devin Ebanks helped his NBA Draft stock; or did he?

At the Final Four, Bob Huggins discussed why his two stars didn’t leave school for “the league” right away. Da’Sean Butler stuck around all four years and Ebanks stayed in beautiful Morgantown for two.

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Ouch! Brett Favre’s Ankle Needs Surgery

Brett Favre Bruised Ankle

By: Melissa S. Wollering

Brett Favre’s agent Bus Cook isn’t kidding around. He took this picture of Brett’s bruised and swollen, tennis-ball-size ankle and another of his ailing purple hamstring.  Now, Favre’s orthopedic surgeon says Brett would indeed need surgery before he would be able to return to the Minnesota Vikings.

With his 20th season in the NFL on the line, is it possible Favre’s worst fear is becoming a reality?  Brett may no longer be able to go out on his own terms. And who can deny that retirement may be smarter now regardless of whether he goes through with the surgery or not? [Read more…]

Minnesota Vikings Make Mistake Taking Toby Gerhart

By Mike Gallagher

The Minnesota Vikings are a very good football team.  The great thing about very good football teams is that there really aren’t too many holes to fill, especially those impacting the team immediately.   [Read more…]

Where Will Chris Bosh Land this Summer?

By: David Kay

While every NBA team with tons of cap space will be targeting LeBron James and Dwyane Wade as the main prizes in the much anticipated 2010 off-season, Chris Bosh will not be a terrible plan B.  The Raptors free agent has emerged into one of the most talented and versatile big men in the NBA.  This past season, he set career-highs in points and rebounds per game, and field goal percentage.

While Bosh’s name has been linked to possibly ending up in the same spot as LeBron or D-Wade, Bosh has stated time and time again that he wants to go some place where he can be the alpha dog and not the number two option.  Teams have a decision to make this off-season; put all their eggs in the ‘Bron or Wade sweepstakes and possibly miss out on landing Bosh or make Bosh their number one priority from the get-go to prove he is the player they covet.
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Belichick to Maddon: Solidarity, my fellow Hoodie wearer

bill belichick hood

By Paul M. Banks

If you’re obsessed with that hooded sweatshirt you wear, you’re in an elite fraternity of NFL and MLB head coaches. New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick made an overt expression of his solidarity with Tampa Bay Rays head man Joe Maddon. BB’s letter and gift to Maddon conveyed “although both you and I are oppressed because of our wardrobe dominated by hooded sweatshirts, we must struggle together, and the establishment will not defeat us!”

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Stay Classy Ohio: Both MLB teams among top 3 HATED

major league

Interesting study in the Wall Street Journal, which surveyed the most hated teams in all of Major League Baseball. Yes, ESPN’s home team, the Boston Red Sox did indeed finish second, but #1 and #3 may surprise you.

From a scintillating  Yardbarker article and the Ohio sports blog Wait till Next year:

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Official 2010 NBA Draft Early Entries List

By: David Kay

The deadline has passed for college basketball players to declare their intentions on whether or not they are declaring for the NBA Draft and today, the NBA released the official list.  80 players have decided to do so with a large amount of them not signing an agent to keep their eligibility by possibly returning to college (UPDATE: the list is now down to 79 because minutes after I posted this Dayton’s Chris Wright pulled his name out.)  Players have until May 8th to either hire an agent or announce they are indeed returning to school.  Here is the list of players who for now are putting their names in the draft.  Check out David’s 2010 NBA Mock Draft and click on the player’s name for a complete scouting report.

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Gani Lawal: proof that testing the waters benefits NBA Prospects

gani lawal

By Paul M. Banks and David Kay

For 6-9, 235 lb Georgia Tech Jr. Gani Lawal, testing the waters of the NBA Draft, seeing what NBA scouts had to say about his game, and then returning to college basketball has been the best thing for him

“It’s been great coming back. I’ve learned a lot. I’m better off for it,” Lawal said during the NCAA Tournament on the eve of his final game.

“I’ve been asked about that before. The biggest thing I gained from it is just my understanding of the game. My understanding of the game has really improved over this last year.”

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Bulls could use Ok. St.’s James Anderson

james anderson

By Paul M. Banks and David Kay

The Chicago Bulls could use a good perimeter scorer, someone who can really light it up from deep. Even though Kirk Hinrich played out of his mind for a couple games of the first round series loss to Cleveland, he’s not that guy.

John Salmons was not that guy, and the Bulls haven’t had “that guy” since Ben Gordon left town. Chicago doesn’t really shoot a whole lot of threes, because there isn’t anyone truly dependable out there beyond the arc to consistently drain them. Whoever replaces Vinny Del Negro needs to add this dimension to the offense next season.

Oklahoma State’s James Anderson, who should be available when the Bulls pick in the NBA Draft, could just be “that guy.”

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