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Kalin Lucas’ NBA decision soon awaits

kalin lucas

By Paul M. Banks

INDIANAPOLIS- Remember back to 1999, a time when Ricky Martin and really annoying “boy bands” were oppressively popular? Back then Michigan St. had a star point guard who had a monster junior season in leading his team to the Final Four. Mateen Cleaves, remember him? The guy who wore ugly Bill Cosby sweaters when injured on the bench, pondered jumping to the NBA before returning to East Lansing, and leading the Spartans to the Final Four. This year, another junior point guard is facing the same question.

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Could Corey Hart Not Make the Starting Lineup Opening Day?

By: Melissa S. Wollering

Jim Edmonds wasn’t sure he would make the Milwaukee Brewers 40-man roster.  He wasn’t even sure he would play in the majors this year.  Now, he might get the opportunity to start for the Crew in RF on Opening Day against Colorado Rockies RHP Ubaldo Jimenez. For his age, Jim Edmonds is doing well.  The problem: recent arbitration winner and previous All-Star player Corey Hart is not. Having a pre-season slump at the plate is not a good sign for any ballclub, especially one who is now paying said slumper $4.8M. [Read more…]

Cubs to unveil Billy Williams statue

billy williams

MESA, AZ– The Chicago Cubs today announced the organization will honor Hall of Famer Billy Williams with a statue of his likeness, only the third of its kind at Wrigley Field.  The statue will be unveiled on September 7 prior to Chicago ’s home game vs. the Houston Astros.Williams will join fellow Hall of Famers Ernie Banks and Harry Caray with statues at Wrigley Field.
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Michigan State Spartans All Decade Team


By Paul M. Banks

With six Final Fours and two national title game appearances in the last 12 years, the 2000s have been without a doubt the most fruitful period in Michigan State basketball history. The decade kicked off with the 2000 National title, and every player to stay all four years at State has been to at least one Final Four since Tom Izzo took over the program in 1995.

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Milwaukee Bucks maul LA Clippers to close out homestand

By Jake McCormick

You know you’re a playoff team when… [Read more…]

NFL Mock Draft 3-31

Some non-Tebow Gators will get drafted in 1st round

gator dazzlers

By Paul M. Banks

If you have any connection at all to the state of the Florida and/or college football, you might have heard a thing or two about an ultra-pious, overly emotional Florida Gators QB named St. Tim Tebow. And if you’ve followed any pre-NFL Draft coverage (stories on the combine, pro days, Senior Bowl etc.) at all in these months leading up to it, you’ve probably heard St. Tim’s name a few times. After all his name has been published about 1,000 times more than your typical (projected) 5th-6th round draft pick. However, part of what made St. Tebow such a legendary college football player was all the overwhelming NFL ready talent surrounding him. And if the mainstream sports media didn’t devote 99.999% of their Gators coverage to the merits and virtues of Tebow, you might know a little more about these names I’m about to mention.

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NFL Mock Draft 3-31 Round 2

florida jermain cunningham

By Paul M. Banks

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Jeff Suppan Claims Neck Injury, Coincidence? Or Just In Time?

By: Melissa S. Wollering

The first four starting pitchers have been named to the Milwaukee Brewers rotation.  No surprise,  Yovani Gallardo, Randy Wolf, Doug Davis and Dave Bush will start in that order.  After watching Spring Training in Arizona this year, I figured that.  But I made one other prediction: if Jeff Suppan got the hint he would not be named #5, he’d fake injury rather than suffer a bruise to his pride.

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Bud Selig deserves a statue outside Miller Park for one legitimate reason

By Jake McCormick

There are a hundred reasons why the Milwaukee Brewers shouldn’t build a statue for Bud Selig and one really good reason why they should: because they exist. [Read more…]

Douchebracket NIT: Durty South Regional Semi-Finals

By Paul Schmidt

I’m sitting here typing this up, trying to keep my son from bawling and watching two guys let Ethan Kanaan die of a heart attack on 24, and I’m wishing that both of them could be in the bracket.  I’ve tried starting writing this 20 times, but the boy keeps shrieking, and I’m enthralled that two people would try to kill one of my favorite 24 characters of all time but leave Renee freaking Walker alive.  I’m almost glad 24 is ending because this is the constant headache I get every week when watching.

Now there’s a preview for a new Tom Cruise movie co-starring Cameron Diaz, and all I can think is that I’d kind of like to see it…and now I think that **I** need to be in the Douchebracket too…I should just write this thing. [Read more…]

Douchebracket Finalist: Chicago Bears Media Relations

bears media

There’s a reason every Chicago Bears press conference is the most boring and utterly useless experience in the world of sports. There’s a reason Lovie Smith is most worthless and yawn-inducing soundbite in the history of the city. (And Matt Forte isn’t far behind). There’s a reason Lovie is perfectly fine with presenting himself as a soulless corporate mouthpiece, who never says anything of substance. Ever.

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