Va Tech website has wrong photo for new coach Buzz Williams


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If you’re a college basketball fan, you were probably shocked to hear the news of Buzz Williams leaving Marquette for Virginia Tech. It’s a substantial step down in program prestige, although also a huge step up in conference at the same time. We took time out of enjoying March Madness, the best week of the sports calendar to stay up late researching and compiling our list of potential candidates to replace Buzz Williams at Marquette.

Sources inside told The Sports Bank yesterday that MU has seen a Buzz Williams departure coming for some time, and that in the days ahead more information will come out that will make us understand why this happened. The source also said that the situation is actually the best for all involved.

As for Virginia Tech, they updated their official athletic department website today listing Buzz Williams. Only that’s not Buzz Williams who they have pictured.


That comes to us via Andre Greska, blogger for the Marquette site “Paint Touches.” Good catch! Va Tech has since replaced the photo with an actual Buzz Williams pic.


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