T Mobile’s Carly Foulkes in special Christmas Ad (Video)



What follows below is almost powerful enough to make me very sentimental about the upcoming holidays. Almost.  It certainly makes me wish I were a T-Mobile customer instead of U.S. Cellular.

Although that’s not entirely true as in the next month I’m about to treat U.S. Cellular the way Eric Gordon treated the Illini, and looking at Verizon the way Gordon looked at the Indiana Hoosiers.

Anyway “our girl” Carly Foulkes is back with a new Christmas ad shot just an hour’s drive away from TSB Global HQ at Woodfield Mall in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

Foulkes is not the star in this spot, shot on December 1st. She doesn’t even show up until the 2:30 mark. But there are 99 other women in this video with her in hot but classy lavender? cerulean? dark pink/light purple gowns.

The best part is no matter what your taste is in women, they’ve got you covered. All races, all sizes, it’s like a United Colors of Benetton, with every color available in small, medium and large.

To see a Christmas commercial with more of Foulkes go here.

For more Foulkes pics go here

And here’s “Home for the Holidays” behind the music style, behind the scenes video

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