Sabine Lisicki gets up close with rodent at the U.S. Open



Awwww, I love little critters! Even if they do carry rabies.

During Sabine Lisicki’s early-round match at the U.S. Open this week, the chair umpire had to delay the match because a squirrel ran onto the court. Even the stodgy world of tennis could find the humor in it. The crowd laughed as the furry little sweetheart ran across the court.

Personal note No. 1: I had a debate with an English teacher in college once about the cuteness of squirrels. I saw no problem with them. She, on the other hand, compared them to rats with furry tails.


Sabine Lisicki was a Wimbledon finalist last month. Personal note No. 2: I am so jealous of those abs of hers. Maybe I should take up tennis to look like Sabine Lisicki and try to get a flat stomach. Or maybe just give up gelato. I’ve heard that people think Sabine Lisicki is pretty hot. I guess she is.

Either way, check out the video below. It’s pretty cute.

A squirrel interrupted the U.S. Open in 2012 as well. Arthur Ashe Stadium is getting a dome, so perhaps this will be the end of wild, rabid animals taking over the tennis court? Ponder that while looking at one last picture of Sabine Lisicki.


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