VIDEO: Pacers Roy Hibbert makes a funny Shaq, Star Wars joke


Roy Hibbert and his Indiana Pacers are the #1 seed in the NBA Eastern Conference. They are as much a favorite as any other team in regards to winning it all. Before the postseason began Roy Hibbert had some questions posed by Pete Holmes in the latest interview from “The Pete Holmes Show.”

In the piece, the All-Star big man talks about height slams, works on some new signature moves and shares stories about his friend Chelsea Peretti from “Brooklyn 99.” 

The best bit though is when he brings up the taun tauns from Empire Strikes Back, which Luke Skywalker fit inside for warmth. I’m sure Shaq will love that joke. His discussion about dating a white girl who wants him to stuff his shirts is pretty amusing too.

Watch the Roy Hibbert video below. If you caught the episode of the “Parks and Recreation” that Roy Hibbert was on, then you know the big man has great comedic timing.

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