Pistons Brandon Jennings derailed by wisdom tooth complications


Brandon Jennings

Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Jennings will not play in the preseason contest at the Chicago Bulls tomorrow night or at the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday after missing the last two preseason games with wisdom tooth discomfort.

It sounds like not a big deal. But it truly is. Wisdom teeth can be very problematic. And when they do get impacted, and cause issues, those can be quite painful actually. So Brandon Jennings will miss the home court RETURN OF Derrick Rose.


brandon jennings bucks

Back to Brandon Jennings, who it was thought would develop a rivalry with Rose within the division as a member of the Milwaukee Bucks. An examination by Dr. Robert Weaver on Monday revealed an impacted wisdom tooth and a hairline fracture of the mandible at the base of the tooth. Treatment will include immobilization for Brandon Jennings for a three-week period and he will be re-evaluated at that time.

Well, Brandon Jennings is nowhere near the talent level of Derrick Rose. But he still has a chance to develop an intra-divisional rivalry with him as a member of the Pistons. Who are traditionally the Bulls biggest rival anyway. But it won’t happen tomorrow. It’s preseason though anyway, so who he really cares.

Brandon Jennings

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