Penn State defensive about “Linebacker U.” self-designation



Lots of schools claim to be “Linebacker U.” Penn State, Miami, Illinois, Ohio State are just a few. Now UCLA has thrown their hat into the LB State ring. It’s causing quite a controversy, as Penn State takes this sloganeering rather seriously. They actually try to make money off of it. You can make a case for a lt of schools to be Linebacker U.

My alma mater, the University of Illinois produced Dick Butkus, who’s namesake is on the trophy for…wait for it…the best linebacker in college football! The Illini had two very recent Butkus Award winners in Dana Howard and Kevin Hardy. The U of I pair is tied with, you guessed it, Penn State, who have two. Florida State, Miami and Ohio State have produced as many NFL Linebackers as any school lately, so what about them?

The highest number of Butkus Award winners is Oklahoma, with four. And besides, doesn’t Penn State have bigger issues to deal with, like their sanctions from protecting and covering-up child rapist Jerry Sandusky?

This from SB Nation UCLA, Bruins Nation. They pretty much do the talking for me on this topic:

That’s right, everyone, #PitcherU.

Suck it, Penn St.

Oh, and speaking of those bittermen in Happy Valley who seemingly should have more important things to worry about than a U.C.L.A. Linebackers Coach throwing down a major challenge to his unit, it appears that it may be more than just pride that is driving Penn St to protect the term “Linebacker U”.

Apparently, Penn State University has trademarked the term and uses it for merchandising, and is even considering the possibility of legal action against anyone using the term. Now, the Nittany Lions ought to know they have less than nothing to fear from any potential U.C.L.A. marketing efforts. Nevertheless, it’s just fine with me if we don’t waste our time selling hats and t-shirts and coozies and keychains with “Linebacker U” stenciled on them. To paraphrase Coach,

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what terms you have trademarked to use to merchandise stuff”. Still, maybe the Bruins should consider trademarking the term, “We have more titles than anyone else”. And also, “Fire Dan!”

“Fire Dan” refers to UCLA A.D. Dan Guerrero or “Chianti Dan” as they call him. They don’t like him so much; for numerous reasons. My main reason for disliking Chianti Dan is the fact that he hired Steve Alford, a man who protected a rapist.

So we’re all on the same side here. We dislike people and institutions (Steve Alford, Penn State) that protected rapists.

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