Former PSU Interim coach Tom Bradley has new gig alongside hottie


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The sometimes publicly ornery Tom Bradley has landed a new gig; and it’s far away from Penn State football. And it’s also a job that should make him smile.

New personalities joining CBS Sports Network this season as analysts in the booth include former Chicago Bears safety Adam Archuleta, former Penn State interim coach Tom Bradley and former NFL and Vanderbilt safety Corey Chavous.

Tom Bradley is one of the Penn State dead-enders who has signed that crazy petition to overturn the NCAA sanctions levied on Penn State football. At a time when PSU badly needed to immediately distance itself from Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky, Tom Bradley did no such thing.

Also John Feinstein joins coverage of Army Football along with Ben Holden, Tom Bradley and Kristine Leahy. The John Feinstein “CBS Sports minutes” are some of the worst radio in all history. They totally dumb you down

So while Tom Bradley has moved on from Penn State football and has to put up with Feinstein now in CBS Sports coverage of Army, LOOK at who else he gets to work with now.

This is Kristine Leahy:




Not bad work; if you can get it. For more on Kristine Leahy

It’s good to be Tom Bradley!

Paul M. Banks is the owner of The Sports, a Fox Sports affiliate. He is also an analyst for 95.7 The Fan, and writes on Chicago sports media for Chicago Now. President Obama follows his Twitter account (@PaulMBanks)

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  1. You derogatory comments about Tom Bradley are way off base. He is a first class guy and like many outside the ether of Chicago land PSU hatred he believes in due process. This “move on” you talk about is necessary and expected, but only after the facts of what PSU knew or should have known are vetted in the courts under the rules of evidence. That is America buddy. Since the Salem witch trials we have collectively accepted that trial by the mob is a bad idea.

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