Nine most popular Penn State football stories of ’13 Bill O’Brien!



Penn State football is one of the biggest hit-makers for The Sports Bank. Especially Christian Hackenberg and Bill O’Brien. That brings Nittany Nation around here. Right now it’s a huge time of strife for Penn State football as it appears their leader, Bill O’Brien is leaving PSU to become head coach of Houston Texans.

Here are the top 9 Penn State football stories of the year, ranked by page views popularity.

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1. Mel Kiper Jr. projects NFL potential of Penn St.’s Christian Hackenberg           7,946

2. Bill O’Brien is a voice of reason within unreasonable Penn State football community        4,234

3. Bill O’Brien: “I don’t Spacebook”     3,765

4. Bill O’Brien stays above the Penn State football fray        2,367

5. Penn St. QB Christian Hackenberg is the best player in all history               1,844

6. Bill O’Brien will be the top college coach recruited by the NFL                1,622


7.  Penn State football fans make Joe Paterno lego portrait, cutouts, vigil for wins              1,067

8.   Penn State football may turn Illinois, Tim Beckman into mincemeat            935

9.    Penn State’s Allen Robinson: big numbers and marriage proposals                 869

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