Penn State’s Allen Robinson: big numbers and marriage proposals



Allen Robinson of Penn State is the best receiver in the Big Ten. He’s leading the Big Ten in receptions per game and in receiving yards per game. Allen Robinson is going to have such a stellar year in such a strong conference that Allen Robinson’s draft stock is going to go through the roof.

Robinson’s receptions per game average is 7.2, complementing his 16.4 yards per catch. Allen Robinson has five touchdowns on the season and is averaging 117.5 yards per game. For the season, Allen Robinson has 705 yards receiving.

With these numbers, Allen Robinson is putting himself out there as an All-American candidate and is on the Bilentnikoff Award WATCH LIST.  OMG AN AWARD WATCH LIST! SO EXCITING! SO IMPORTANT! LET’S SEND OUT PRESS RELEASES ABOUT AWARD WATCH LISTS!! OMG OMG OMG

And his clutch catch in the fourth quarter against Michigan is prompting the ladies in State College to ask for Allen Robinson’s hand in marriage.

Even though Allen Robinson is a junior, he could declare for the NFL draft if he keeps putting up such great numbers. Hell, he could even be a sleeper candidate for the Heisman!

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