Milwaukee Bucks trying commemorative Beer to lure fans (PIC)

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Most of the time, writing about the Milwaukee Bucks, or the Chicago White Sox or any MLS team for that matter elicits a certain type of reader reaction. Best encapsulated by the sign above. The Milwaukee Bucks are implementing a series of initiatives to drastically change that. These actions include holding auditions to have a rowdy 50 person section near the court.

Sector 7 as it will be called, will seek to be a NBA version of the Cameron Crazies at Duke, or The Izzone at Michigan State.


There’s also a brand new court, pictured above. And the opportunity, never before offered by a NBA franchise, to get your name placed on that very playing surface.

And now the Milwaukee Bucks are offering commemorative beer cans. Hey, it is Brew City, dominated by industrial breweries and the baseball team is the Milwaukee Brewers, right?

Here’s a pic of the Coors Can.


These Coors cans will be available throughout the season. Hey, sports fans love beer, right?

It’s all part of an effort to get the city of Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin more engaged and passionate about the Milwaukee Bucks.

Currently, it’s a Green Bay Packers city and state first. And second and third as well!

he Milwaukee Bucks need to change that big time; and very quickly if they want to get that new arena owner Herb Kohl is clamoring for. The former Senator will put in some of his own money, but he’s expecting the taxpayers to pay up as well. Given the apathy the community currently possesses for the Milwaukee Bucks, it’s probably not going to happen. Asking to replace the Bradley Center is quite absurd, when you consider it’s just 25 years old. Asking to buy a big shiny, new toy for a team that’s never competitive is even more ridiculous.

The Milwaukee Bucks won the 1971 NBA Championship after just three seasons of play. No other major professional sports team has accomplished that feat. However, the 1990s were a complete wasteland for the Bucks as the team accomplished very little the entire decade. The Milwaukee Bucks made just their second conference finals appearance in 2001, taking A.I.’s 76ers to seven games.


And that was the last time the Milwaukee Bucks have won a playoff series. It’s been 12 years and five 1st-round playoff exits since then.

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