Lindsey Vonn to Retire from Skiing in 2018, Get into Acting



Lindsey Vonn gave an interview to the AP that had a very big picture/major life decision them to it.

She said she plans to end her well decorated skiing career at the 2018 Winter Games before attempting to accelerate her acting career.


From ESPN:

“My main goal is to ski at least until the 2015 world championships in Vail and then see physically how I’m doing, mentally if I’m still doing it,” Vonn said in an interview with The Associated Press.

“I think it’s a bit different for women because you feel that you need to start a family. I may be interested in doing something involved in television, something fun. … I would definitely be interested in doing something like that, or doing cameos. Something I could do for fun that doesn’t consume all my time,” Vonn told the AP.

Vonn played a secretary, a very very very hot secretary, on an episode of “Law & Order” last year. Pretty much any character she plays will be super hot. Vonn talked about she wants to get into acting. Maybe she’ll be cast in some of the same stuff as former Michigan St. center Delvon Roe?

“I think it’s kind of similar to skiing in a way. There’s a part of skiing and sports that’s entertainment. I’m really comfortable in front of people,” Vonn said. “I’ve never really tested my skills as far as scripts go, but it’s a part of me I would like to explore and see what I can do.”

lindsey vonn

She has all the right attributes you need to get into show-business: looks, connections and most importantly fame.

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