Kate Upton joins Atlanta Braves Justin and B.J. Upton on SI (photo)



Maybe Kate Upton can help baseball out right now. It’s competing with the NFL, America’s true national pasttime, for our nation’s attention. In other words, it needs all the help it can get. Kate Upton on the Sports Illustrated cover? That’s not news. Kate Upton on the SI cover alongside Atlanta Braves position players, and brothers B.J. and Justin Upton.


Too many Uptons! Why not just photoshop an old photograph of Upton Sinclair on the cover while you’re at it? And then expound on the socialist messages hidden within the game of baseball in your October preview?

This SI issue is headlined by the 2013 MLB playoff preview. And it’s unintentionally hilarious to see someone as worthless to his team as  B.J. Upton ($12 million in salary this season, .184/.268/.289 9 HRs, 30 R, 12 SB and 151 Ks in just 391 at-bats) on the cover of SI.

In October no less!


Obviously, his cover status verifies what we already know, once we see Kate Upton on the cover again. This isn’t about sports journalism, or important sports news. It’s about a desperate attempt for publicity in a move to “sell magazines at any cost. ”

The world’s hottest woman, and the greatest thing to come out of St. Joseph, MI on the swimsuit issue cover?

Sure, we’re buying!

Kate Upton on the MLB postseason preview issue? Thanks, but we’re good. We’ll pass.


Maybe this will get her mind off how bad her NFL team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, have looked this season. The Buccos are falling apart, with the Josh Freeman drama just one of their many problems.

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