Jen Bielema takes a twitter shot at the Wisconsin Badgers


Jen Bielema

Talk about kicking a team when it’s down.

That’s exactly what Jen Bielema, wife of Wisconsin Badgers former Head Coach Bret Bielema, did when she tweeted a shot at Badgers fans following a controversial loss at Arizona State on Saturday Night. (obligatory Jen Bielema photo gallery)

Here’s what she had to say after the Badgers seemingly had a game ripped from them because of some ugly Pac-12 officiating.

Offensive tweeting is nothing new to the Bielema family who have time and time again resorted to their twitter accounts to take a shot at the University of Wisconsin football team. Granted, Badgers fans weren’t the nicest of people to them when they left, when is it time to move on?

I’m sure this will be a back-and-forth affair as long as Bret is a coach in college football. I can just envision the nasty #karma tweets coming right back at Jen once Arkansas gets mopped up by one of the premier SEC teams. (Here’s a picture of Jen Bielema getting into the Razorbacks spirit)

Stay tuned to “As the Bielema Turns” because I’m sure this couple will never move on from the fact that a good Wisconsin football team helped them reach where they’re at today. I’m sure Jen doesn’t care that she’s being insensitive to a bunch of young kids who put everything they had on the field each week for her husband either.

If only Jen knew what karma meant, she just might realize that the Wisconsin Badgers will get the last laugh in this argument. Here’s 5 reasons why Badgers fans need to move on from the controversial ending.

What did you think of Jen’s tweet? Let me know by commenting below.

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  1. Bret Bielema was lucky at Wisconsin and certainly did his fai share of cheating. He and his juvenile wife will pay dearly in the SEC….karma indeed!!!!

  2. Karma is a bitch — and so is Jen!

  3. Mrs. Bielema should put on her big girl underwear.

  4. OMG! Like, she’s the meanest girl at our middle school!

    Also, good luck at Arkansas. Your husband is a lousy coach who will be out of work within three years after repeated butt-spankings in the SEC. Oh, but you’ll still be a petulant airhead, Jen, so there’s that.

  5. Rita Jackson says:

    She is a real piece of work. To call her an airhead is to slander airheads!

  6. Not classy and immature. Really sad!

  7. Hmmm University of Wisconsin made your husband a millionaire and you have the gall to diss the people who made your luxury life? Boy you have some learning to do. GROW UP.

  8. She and the lunkheads snuck out of town in the dead of night and she’s mad at us? What a maroon! Go gargle battery acid, Jen.

  9. Lunkhead, I meant

  10. That’s ok Jen. Remember when you met your beloved Bret in Las Vegas? Did you know he was out there with his girlfriend?? That’s right, he’s a cheating douche. How do I know? His former girlfriend was my roommate. OH yea and he tried doing stuff with me too while seeing my roommate…..gross! Enjoy your Arkansas STDs!!

  11. When will the Wisconsin fans get over it. I cant believe how bitter you are over losing bb. No one from Arkansas has trashed you team. These sports writers are all from the big 10 and have nothing else to write about. Have a little class.

  12. Leads one to question how much of Coach leaving UW was of his choosing?
    Might his wife be missing Madison? So soon?
    Good Luck

  13. This after the Wisconsin fanbase stated they were happy Bielema was gone, same for the AD. This is the same fanbase that accused Jen on their message boards of being a hooker in Las Vegas so I am sure she has not forgot that. Have actually been to a game where my team was playing Wisconsin and they are by far the most arrogant, obnoxious, and nasty winners I have ever seen. The only 2 that come close is Ohio State and LSU which have seen in person as well. So have little care that Wisconsin might fall on a few hard times in the near future.

  14. Face it, Brad — the lady is a tramp. A perfect match for the pig farmer. You hayseeds deserve these uncouth louts.

  15. Bimbo Bielema has done it again, when will she realize she’s not a teenager any more. As for Brad who must have a Razorback tatoo’d on his forehead, why would he defend this Vegas twit in the first place. Dumb Dumb Dumb Double Dumb

  16. When a Iowa Boar marries a Sow and moves to Arkansaw to raise little Hogs who really Cares !

  17. I love the commenter who said “what a maroon” haahahahahah. I love me some Bugs Bunny cartoons.

    And Jen claims after she met Bret that she “didn’t know what he did for a living for the first 7 or 8 months they were dating.”

    OMG please! A well known guy like him? In the social media age? don’t insult our intelligence Jen

  18. I’m not saying she a gold digger, but…….

  19. Badger Backer says:

    The best news in Madison is that we no longer see that fat ass wandering drunk trying to pick up coeds. Hope you know where the Hearst STD clinic is, Jen

  20. As usual, when given a chance Wisconsin fans absolutely refuse to take the high road of any sort. Typical for the fan base.

  21. She’s as small above the waist as he is huge. Too bad, should be the opposite. He wants his team to be in shape but look at the puss gut.

  22. For the ignorant out there, Bret brought this all on himself by insulting the players and trashing the program on his way out the door. He was the one who started it all by telling the players he was “going to Arkansas to win a championship” when anyone with a brain knows that Wisconsin is in a better position to win one than Arky is. He insulted the players. Then he lied about his reasons for departure. There isn’t a single badger fan that has a problem with Bret leaving. What they have a problem with is un unprofessional he was upon leaving.

  23. I find this somewhat confusing – she sticks her neck out and takes a shot at Wisconsin – and then complains about the response she gets? Here’s a novel idea – MOVE ON and KEEP QUIET. Keep antagonizing – you’ll get more of the same. That to me makes the most sense.

  24. Wisconsin is in no position to really contend for a title and Arkansas is not far behind. Wisconsin would get destroyed by any SEC power most years and Pac-10 Oregon is a beast as well. Do not forget OSU and Michigan in your own conference as well. Saban will ultimately go back to NFL out of Pride so that leaves LSU for Arkansas in their half which is bad enough. Please do not act like Wisconsin has been anywhere close to a title in the last 30 years because they have not. Arkansas has been in the SEC championship game a few times but have never won. The winner of that game goes to play for a title pretty much every year.

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