Iowa Hawkeyes Vodka Samm speaks out (video)



Infamous Iowa Hawkeyes college football fan and raging alcoholic Vodka Samm breaks her public silence.

Don’t get us wrong, Samantha Goudie was very public in her speech on her Twitter account. Vodka Samm was addicted to the social media fame even more than she’s dependent on alcohol. But then she made a total change. No more sending candid tweets from jail. She deleted her profile and went radio silent.


Now the University of Iowa senior is speaking out for the first time since skyrocketing to internet fame following her arrest for jumping on the field versus NIU.  The 22-year-old University of Iowa senior made national headlines after she was arrested with a .341 blood alcohol content at a Hawkeye football game in August, and tweeted about it from jail. The story that lit social media ablaze turned Samantha’s own world inside out. And now she’s ready to talk about it.


After turning down numerous endorsement and internet requests, Vodka Samm opens up: about her bouts with clinical eating disorders and severe depression. Vodka Samm plans to go to graduate school. She’s on track to graduate in May. And hopes to pursue a career in counseling and social work. Which again only reaffirms the adage about those who go into the psychological fields, have some issues themselves.

Watch the video, you’ll see she’s deeper than we thought. There’s a real person in there. She’s had a few coming to Jesus moments. She’s becoming more Samantha Goudie and less Vodka Samm.

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