New Gold Medalist Tina Maze has a hit popsong (music video)



Tina Maze was among the favorites to take home gold in the alpine skiing events in Sochi. Today, she did just that as the Slovenian made history as she tied Switzerland’s Dominique Gisin for the gold medal. They each ecorded the identical time of 1min 41.57 in the women’s downhill. It is the first gold medal tie in the history of the Winter Games.

Maze is the current world champion in giant slalom and winner of the World Cup with all time record 2414 points in one season. Last year, during her intense preparations for the new season of alpine skiing, Tina Maze recorded her first song.


It’s a mainstream radio friendly, up-tempo song. The song title itself is a bit redundant: “My way is my decision.” Still it unexpectedly became an immediate smash hit in her home country, Slovenia. Her music video received over 700,000 views in less than two weeks which is a true record for Slovenia with its population of only two million.

After a week of its release, the Tina Maze song ranked high on charts of most local radio stations in Slovenia.


And the video below is in English, not Slovenian, so you will be able to sing along.

We present you Tina Maze with her new song

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