Colleen Dominguez joins Fox Sports 1


Colleen Dominguez had been an ESPN personality since March 2004. She left on February 10th, and joined Fox Sports 1 today.

Dominguez is an L.A. based media member who appears on multiple programs including SportsCenter, Outside the Lines and Outside the Lines Nightly.



Colleen Dominguez (born 12/31/1969) was a native of Sayre, Pennsylvania. Dominguez is a graduate of California State University at Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal studies. Colleen Dominguez worked at the Fox News magazine, Front Page (1992-1994), then was a producer at NBC News (1994-1995). She then became a reporter for KTLA-TV in Los Angeles (1995-1996).

Colleen Dominguez was also a correspondent for NBC Network News, reporting for the Today Show, Nightly News, and MSNBC from 1996 through 2003.



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