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Retired Chicago White Sox legend Frank Thomas is an MLB analyst for Fox Sports 1 and Comcast SportsNet Chicago. As Thomas enters the Hall of Fame today, CSN Chicago presented a documentary on the extraordinary career and life of Frank Thomas.

Narrated by radio host and lifelong White Sox fan Richard Roeper, “Welcome to Cooperstown: Frank Thomas” premiered Thursday, July 17. I originally did a preview on this documentary, which got a whopping 17 page views! 17!!! For the greatest player in White Sox history, going into the Hall of Fame.  Tells you everything you need to know about how White Sox content, or baseball content in general, does on the web. When you consider that my site got 38,000 page views the day that I ran it, and the site in general gets 20,000 page views a day.

The documentary contains exclusive, candid interviews with Thomas, as well as interviews with numerous baseball luminaries that discuss “The Big Hurt’s” massive impact on the sport. Here are a couple choice soundbites:


Frank Thomas on being passed up in the MLB Draft:

“Not getting drafted out of high school was the worst moment of my life at that time because I knew that I was much better than pretty much half that draft. It was a lot of guys I played with in high school. A lot of guys got drafted. I want to say seven, eight, nine guys got drafted and I felt like I was the best player in the state. Most of the scouts played off, ‘Oh, you’re just a football player playing baseball.’ I took it serious because I knew what I had to give for baseball.”



“They could have signed me out of high school for a dozen baseballs and a couple fungos. I was taking it hard because I wanted to play baseball. But, thank god I had the focus and the desire and the ability to play another sport. Football was my second sport, but it was really my first sport because all the big schools were recruiting me to play football. I just made that decision. My dad (Frank Sr.) told me, he said ‘Hey, we got a full ride to Auburn, let’s go be a football player and walk onto the baseball team later.’

He was right and that fire was burnt there that I was going to be the best football player I could be…and it turned out that going that extra yard for football made me a much better baseball player.”


Frank Thomas on the winning the MVP award in 1994, but losing out on the opportunity of possibly going to the World Series: “It was bittersweet. Of course you’re happy winning another MVP, but to not finish that type of season with a team that was ready to go, and a year later we broke it all apart…it hurts. It’ll always hurt. You learn to live with things, but you’ll never get over it. I’ll never get over 1994.”


“The Big Hurt,” is one of the most decorated players in White Sox history. He won a World Series with the club in 2005, and played his final game baseball during 2008. He’s also spent a lot of time promoting his malt liquor style (at least that’s what it tastes like) drink known as Big Hurt Beer.

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