ESPN’s Samantha Steele vs. D.C. radio host: Twitter Smackdown



So how did Rising ESPN star Samantha Steele become the next Erin Andrews? A position coveted by thousands of women?

Well, she was just featured in a 1,600 word Sun Sentinel article that neglected to mention the fact she’s dating Minnesota Vikings QB Christian Ponder. It also didn’t answer the “who did she know to get in the door?” question. The internet had a field day with a tidbit revealed in the article: Steele got her break while working at the ESPN Zone restaurant in Times Square. This got back to Steele, who decided to channel her frustration toward Danny Rouhier, a D.C. radio host who tweeted a link to the original Deadspin post about the ESPN Zone tale. It quickly became a Twitter smackdown.

See all the tweets back and forth in the Storify here. scroll past the story to see

I agree the “I covered 100 games” quote is funny and pathetic. It reminds me of a press row regular here that we routinely mock for his “I covered 27 Super Bowls.” On the other hand, Danny overdoes the response tweets, and psychoanalysis. This issue is more superficial than he believes. I do agree with the author that Steele is thin-skinned, and likely Googles herself a lot.


All in all, none of these stories truly explain how this jersey-chasing journalist got to where she is so fast. There’s a plot hole somewhere. Who did Steele know to get this power by age 26?

Here’s more pics of Steele

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