Poor Detroit Pistons, just one major setback after another. Sad.



Remember what the Detroit Pistons used to be? Actual rivals to the Chicago Bulls.

They even had championships of their own back in the ’80s, and Dynasty lite, if you will. They beat Kobe Bryant and the Lakers for a title, just over a decade ago. That’s not that long ago, but it seems like forever, given how sorry the Detroit Pistons are today. And how invisible they are. When they fired Joe Dumars from the front office, a team legend, it got no play at all. No one cared. And now the Detroit Pistons have suffered yet another major setback.

Today, everything that happens to them elicits a sad trombone sound effect. Or maybe this sound below:

detroit-pistons nba dance teams
The Central belongs to the Bulls and the Indiana Pacers. Then you have the three pathetic bottom feeders: the Milwaukee Bucks, Cleveland Cavaliers and the Detroit Pistons. But since the Cavs, got the number one overall pick, the Pistons lost their pick to Charlotte by virtue of an earlier trade. With Stan Van Gundy coming in to hopefully get the team on the right path, this misfortune couldn’t have come at a worse time.

detroit-pistons nba dance teams

Imagine if the Detroit Pistons could have paired Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins or Joel Embiid or Julius Randle or whomever with Andre Drummond and a SVG who now is running the show on all levels. Instead the Detroit Pistons don’t pick until 38th and Cleveland is getting the number one overall…again. Meaning the Cavs are likely the first and only of the Central’s three dumpster fire teams to become competitive.

Detroit Pistons Head Coach and President of Basketball Operations issued the following statement after results of the NBA Draft Lottery were revealed:

“Tonight’s results are disappointing, but not disastrous. We knew we would lose our pick this year or next. We have the 38th pick and we will continue our evaluation process and preparation for the upcoming draft. We’ll also explore other opportunities to use the draft to improve our team – whether that’s moving up, moving down or staying at No. 38. We still have many assets and tools at our disposal to upgrade our roster, including the upcoming free agency period in July.”


Paul M. Banks owns The Sports Bank.net, an affiliate of Fox Sports. He’s also a frequent guest on national talk radio. Banks, a former contributor to NBC Chicago and the Washington Times, has been featured in numerous outlets including NFL.com, Forbes and the History Channel. President Barack Obama follows him on Twitter (@paulmbanks)

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