Detroit Pistons CHEERLEADER Tryouts!!



The Detroit Pistons cheer team is looking for male and female cheerleaders when auditions are held for the 2013-14 Detroit Pistons cheer team on Sunday, August 25 at Cheerleading Training Center of Michigan. Cheer team members perform during games and at halftime alongside some of the biggest names in music. Yes, this is co-ed, both genders are able to apply for the Detroit Pistons cheerleaders; previously known as “Automotion.”


Cheerleaders will be judged on stunt, basket and tumbling ability, personality, self-confidence, enthusiasm. Detroit Pistons Cheer Team participants must be 18 years or older by October 1.

All participants are required to wear workout attire and cheer shoes while submitting a headshot at registration. Registration is set for Sunday, August 25 at 11:00 a.m. at the Cheerleading Training Center of Michigan in Shelby Township (14922 Technology Drive).

Ok, I guess “Technology Drive” kind of is the cold shower to the words “cheerleader.” Participants may also be asked to participate in a brief one on one interview to discuss the commitment required as a member of the Detroit Pistons Cheer Team.

For more Detroit Pistons Cheer Team audition information and online registration go to the Detroit Pistons website.

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  1. You’re thinking of the Piston DANCERS…this is for the high flying co-ed partner stunting team.

  2. I what cheer to.

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