Danica Patrick’s replacement at Go Daddy: James Hinchcliffe?



Since March, Go Daddy IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe has been campaigning to be the new face on the GoDaddy.com homepage.  “Hinch,” as he is known, wants to replace the iconic Danica Patrick as the “face” of the GoDaddy.com brand. Now, it looks like his “Hinch for Homepage” viral campaign worked … at least to keep him in the running. GoDaddy.com is officially opening up the campaign to a public online vote.

Hinch is Go Daddy’s charismatic IZOD IndyCar driver who earned 2011 “Rookie of the Year” honors and is now running in the Top Five of this season’s IndyCar competition. He is also an avid Internet “geek” who enjoys engaging with the world via his website, Hinchtown.com. He’s affectionately known as the “Mayor of Hinchtown,” which might explain his campaign-approach to appear on Go Daddy’s website.

Go Daddy is the world’s largest provider of Web hosting, domain name registrations and new SSL Certificates and ranks as the 46th largest website in the U.S. and the 85th largest in the world. That sort of homepage exposure could do a lot to popularize Hinchcliffe’s promising career.

“Being on the front of the GoDaddy.com website would be great,” said Hinchcliffe. “Go Daddy’s website attracts millions of visitors every week. All due respect to Danica, she’s been great for Go Daddy, she’s an exciting driver and iconic personality, but maybe it’s time for a change, right? Vote ‘Hinch for Homepage!'”


Hinchcliffe recently visited Go Daddy’s Arizona headquarters. “As a tech guy, it was great to see how Go Daddy handles traffic running to millions of customer websites from its Information Technology Operations Center — the epicenter of Go Daddy’s I-T world,” said Hinchcliffe. “These guys are serving up billions of DNS queries every day on one side of the building, while the 24/7 customer care team is helping small businesses grow on the other side … and they are racing fans — what’s not to love?”

Danica has been prominently positioned on the GoDaddy.com homepage since 2007.

“Danica and the Go Daddy brand have become synonymous, we’re not going to lose sight of that,” said Go Daddy Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Executive Vice President Barb Rechterman. “It’s fun to see a young man like Hinch come in and attach to what we do with such gusto. We think it’s worth giving him a shot at the homepage.”

Hinch has definitely shown flare from the first race of the season, when he donned a “Danica-wig” on national television just before the St. Pete’s race and told sportswriters he had some “big heels to fill.”

Danica is now racing full-time in NASCAR and doesn’t appear to be concerned by the buzz. “I’m keeping an eye on this ‘campaign’ — he’s a funny guy and a good driver, but I’m not too worried … I’m even doing a Go Daddy commercial with Hinch.”

You can vote to put Hinch on the homepage right now at GoDaddy.com/Vote.

Hinch races in the legendary Indianapolis 500 next Sunday, May 27.

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  1. Sue Parker says:

    If Danica is replaced by Hinch it will be the demise of GoDaddy.com. He isn’t even a good looking guy. Come on what you are doing is hurting the entire GoDaddy.com company. You want to put two drivers at odds for your company one that has brought your company the utmost notoriety what kind of company does a thing like that. Stick with what works. Your company is worthless if you lose her as a spokesperson.

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