Danica Patrick moving to Formula 1? F1 Owner very interested



It’s not news that Danica Patrick has to improve this season if she is to stay in NASCAR. Everyone knew this heading into the Daytona 500 and the beginning of the season. As part of Stewart Haas Racing with Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart and Kurt Busch, she has some really accomplished teammates, and very powerful backers.

Unfortunately, Danica Patrick hasn’t improved. She had a decent run early-mid May (recording the highest finish of NASCAR career at Kansas), but since then, she’s gotten worse, and her overall points standing is a mere 28th.

Patrick’s struggles indicate that her days in NASCAR could be numbered. Neither Danica Patrick nor Tony Stewart will drive for the new Formula One team owned by SHR, that’s what co-owner Gene Haas said in mid April.

It appears things may have changed since then. 


After qualifiers for the Canadian Grand Prix Saturday, Haas was asked if Danica Patrick would be a good candidate for the Haas Formula One team, which commences in 2016 and will be based in North Carolina.

Haas said, “I think she would. She would bring an awful lot of viewership. I think it would be great for America. I think she would be a great candidate.” (h/t Fox Sports)

Haas then back-pedaled somewhat, adding: “Whether that’s going to happen or not … that’s, that’s, that’s … you know I think that’s kind of a long shot there, too.”

But if that isn’t enough to convince you an F1 move is a real possibility, this soundbite certainly will:

“Danica Patrick in one of our cars would be the dream driver,” enthused Haas, in an exclusive interview with the Official Formula One website.

“She surely fits the bill. She is a woman in a man’s sport – that would attract a lot of attention. She weighs about 50 kilos – which these day sounds fantastic – so indeed she’s got a lot of attributes that would be good to have.” (h/t GP Today)


The publicity team of Danica Patrick sent out their weekly race advance report this morning, complete with “quotes” from an “interview” of Patrick. (I use air quotes because remember, this is a supposed interview conducted by her own press people) The advance did not address or respond to Haas’ comments this week. Instead it focused completely on the race in Brooklyn, Michigan this weekend.

However, with the F1 rumors starting to get real traction now, Danica Patrick will be forced to publicly comment on them soon.

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  1. RonBlack13 says:

    He’s being politically correct when he says she’d be a dream. There is nothing in her past driving that suggests she’d be even close to competitive in an F1 car. Gene Haas knows this but he’s also not doing to say anything derisive about someone that drives for him.

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