Cleveland Indians begin moving away from Chief Wahoo logo


Paul Lukas of Uni Watch, tweeted today that the Cleveland Indians have changed their primary logo to the Block C instead of Chief Wahoo. Lukas is an outspoken critic of the Chief Wahoo logo, and he added that the offensive cartoon will still be on Cleveland Indians jersey sleeves and home caps. This is a small change, but it is a very newsworthy change. The move to the Block C rather than Chief Wahoo seems like it will be a gradual one. No word yet either way from the Cleveland Indians themselves, but this appears to be the next step in a phasing out.


Cleveland Indians fans have an interesting way of defending their mascot Chief Wahoo from the movement to abolish it.  Cleveland Plain-Dealer columnist Mark Naymick wrote a piece looking to end the Cleveland Indians mascot. The majority of the feedback he received on his call for the Cleveland Indians to kill its mascot, Chief Wahoo was…..

Well, rather entertaining to say the least. Many disagreed that the Washington Redskins name is offensive and that Chief Wahoo is no better. The Cleveland Indians fans have spoken and they look at the move to end Chief Wahoo as…well, I turn it over to Naymick:

One reader – who admitted he didn’t read beyond the headline — tied my stance to Obamacare. (He said something about all liberal causes being connected.)

Others turned to Twitter to respectfully argue their point.

“Your article today completely SUCKS. The Indians logo is a BIG SMILING FACE. A smiley face that brings JOY. FUCK Off” read one tweet directed my way.


I’ve been there man. Most of the comments you receive on anything will overwhelmingly be 90% disagreeable to negative to outright hostile. The silent majority is silent because they are not malcontents. And then of course, the Twitter hatred and vitriol. I’ve had a lot of swear words directed at me there.

A poll on that link, so I’m assuming it’s mostly Cleveland Indians fans, voted to keep Wahoo by a whopping 2 to 1 margin.

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  1. The Cleveland Fan Base to keep Chief Wahoo is tiny when compared to the National population to abolish racism in sports venues. This year the target is the Washington Redskins so it is only a matter of time until the Cleveland baseball team will also cave into national pressure to retire Wahoo.

    People Not Mascots’ Logo
    Acrylic on Canvas
    22″ x 28″
    Artists David Jakupca
    Signed Lower Right
    Current Owner assumed to be Lake Erie Native American Council (LENAC)

    The ‘People Not Mascots’ Logo is meant to be a Native American protest caricature of the Cleveland Indians Baseball team. It was originally painted by David Jakupca, it has drawn criticism from some sportswriters, fans and local businessmen, but gained immediate acceptance among humanitarian, religious groups and Native Americans. It gained international popular attention when it was it exhibited by ICEA at the 1993 UN World Conference on Human Rights held in Vienna, Austria and has become one of the most recognized anti-racists logo’s in existence. It also caused repercussions for the groups connected with the logo and this has been documented in the INTERNECINE MATRIX, Chief Wahoo article.
    Reference Links:

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