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The case of Aubrey Ireland is becoming a national media sensation. She’s a 21-year-old music theater major at the prestigious College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. And a local judge decided to give this Bearcat a restraining order against her parents, David and Julie Ireland.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Ireland told the court that despite making the dean’s list, her parents would routinely drive 600 miles from Kansas to Ohio to make unannounced visits to her at school. Then they accused her of illegal drug use, promiscuity and mental illness. They tried to get her evaluated by a psychiatrist.

Her “helicopter parents” allegedly became so overbearing that they installed spyware (keylogging software) on her computer and cell phone to watch over her even more.

UC hired security guards to keep the Irelands away from their daughter’s performances in school productions. When she cut off all contact with them, her parents responded by stopping payment on tuition checks. But Cincinnati gave her a full scholarship for her senior year, and the judge issued a civil stalking order against her parents, ordering them to stay at least 500 feet away from her and have no contact with her until September 2013. So both the University and the courts have sided with Aubrey.


From Right Entertainment:

Her Twitter account which is located here is unassuming with less than 100 followers and 15- tweets over the years. You can find her Facebook page here which does not contain much biographical information except that she is in a “civil union” with a super cute man named Lee Slobotkin, who is undoubtedly a focus of her parent’s perceived meddling. There are a ton of photos on her social media page there which reveal a normal college girl who likes to have fun with her friends, nothing that should concern her parents at all. You can see Aubrey Ireland performing in YouTube video here


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  1. Molly Santucci says:

    I personally know this girl and she really is a whore. She used to buy drugs from my brother till she ran out of money. She offered him sex and he did that a few times until she just owed him way too much and he said she had some kind of weird cold sore looking things all around her vag. Now she tried to hook with with random guys and get them to buy her drugs.

    My brother is a student at UC and he works on the set for the plays and musicals and met her there 1 1/2 yrs ago.

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