Christian Ponder blames God for being bad at football



Fark rightfully referred to Christian Ponder as Christine Steele. Obviously, they’re poking fun at the Minnesota Vikings quarterback for being less relevant than his wife ESPN sideline princess Samantha Ponder, formerly known as Samantha Steele. True. Samantha Ponder is way better at her job than Christian Ponder.

Christian Ponder lost his starting gig to Matt Cassel. And it’s thought that he’ll eventually lose out to Josh Freeman, the latest recipient of the curse of jersey #5.


So how is Christian Ponder taking his demotion? Is he owning up to the fact that he’s a terrible NFL QB? Nope. He’s blaming God instead. You see both Ponders are extremely Jesus-y and Christ-y, one reason they’re a perfect fit.

“I would be lying if I didn’t say it’s a little disappointing and frustrating,” Christian Ponder said. “I’m not going to get too discouraged about it. I’m a man of faith and I know God’s in control. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t know what the next few weeks, few months, hold.”

This is actually very refreshing by Christine Steele. Usually athletes use the “it’s all due to Jesus first” cliche only in victory or accomplishment. They never attribute the outcome to God in times of defeat. However, Christian Ponder did just that. So good for him. He may not be good at football, but he is very original.


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