Bruce Weber to Marquette rumors: legitimate? Or K-State fan paranoia?



(UPDATE: 3-30-14: Both the Chicago Sun-Times and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel name Bruce Weber a candidate for the job)

(UPDATE 3-25-14: Shaka Smart rumors discredited, Bruce Weber to MU idea beloved by Marquette fans, K-State fans wish him well)

A source close to the Marquette Athletic Department told The Sports Bank last night that Bruce Weber is interested in the Marquette opening. Which isn’t really news given that Weber was also rumored to be interested in the same job back when Buzz Williams was first hired.

Coincidentally, Kansas State fans have already started expressing concern online over the idea that Bruce Weber could be leaving KSU to come home to Milwaukee. Our source has not confirmed as of yet that Marquette has reciprocated any interest in Weber.  Of course, that hasn’t stopped Marquette fans from also expressing concern online over the idea that Bruce Weber could be leaving KSU to come home to Milwaukee.

So let’s get Donald Rumsfeldian and dig into all the “known unknowns” and “unknown knowns” in this situation.

 bruce weber

Why Bruce Weber to Marquette makes sense/could happen

-As a Milwaukee native who attended Marquette high school, this IS his dream job, and it was rumored that he was interested in this gig back when Tom Crean left this job vacant. Openings like this don’t come along everyday.

-Bruce Weber has had success at every stop in his coaching career. Covering the Illini for many years, a common Weberism I’ve often heard at press conferences is “just be solid.” Weber is definitely that: solid.

-During his tenure at Illinois, Weber was rumored to be headed to Arkansas in 2007 and Oklahoma in 2011. Obviously, he didn’t bolt Champaign for either gig, but it shows that Weber has a history of exploring all of his options with outside schools. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. We all seek to maximize our career opportunities. There’s nothing more American than being “free enterprise.” After all, SIU was a stepping stone to Illinois for Bruce Weber.


-There’s reportedly been contact between Ben Howland and MU already. Howland was rumored to be a finalist for the DePaul job before it was filled by Oliver Purnell, so he’s been linked to the Big East in the past, and coached at Pitt when it was a Big East school. There’s also been reports that Howland’s asking price is too high so MU is moving on to other candidates.

We’ve also heard Shaka Smart to MU rumors being reported as well. (UPDATE: Shaka story discredited) However, that’s just a rite of passage every March since 2011. “Shaka to school XYZ” stories have popped up every year since Smart’s improbable Final Four run. Also, Smart is signed until 2019 and $1.2 million per. So, have fun with that buyout/trying to re-work that buyout clause.

How does this impact Weber? The departure of Buzz Williams leaves us with a lot more questions than answers. Some of which we attempted to answer here. When Buzz appeared on CBS this past weekend to discuss his new gig with Virginia Tech, he completely dodged the question of why he left MU. Buzz took a $700,000 a year paycut to go to a historically much worse program. Huh?

Point is, the situation in Milwaukee is so unclear at this point that we can’t really rule out Weber any more than we can rule out other candidates at this point. (Other than Tom Crean! and Shaka of course, but then again we never even ruled him in. Unlike the entire Milwaukee media who jumped the gun on his “hire”)

bruce weber kansas state

Why Bruce Weber to Marquette makes no sense/won’t happen

-Weber has a great situation at Kansas State. There’s really no reason for him to leave. I reached out to Curtis Kitchen from for comment on this situation.

“Could Bruce Weber look at Marquette? Sure he could, for several reasons. But, if he leaves K-State, it’s not because of the school or program. The athletics department has never been in better shape, nor has KSU’s position with the NCAA,” Kitchen said.

Bring on the Cats is the K-State SB Nation blog, and a lot more reliable than most of the K-State fan sites out there. Why would Weber bolt stability and security for a place with no permanent A.D. and University President in place?(update: MU hires a new President) How much of a “splash hire” can MU really make with a “transitional government” like this in place?

bruce weber erin andrews

-Bruce Weber’s Twitter account has reportedly been blocking posters from a certain K-State fan message board. Which members of that specific board believe is another sign of his imminent departure. I don’t read “Weber’s leaving” into that development. Coaches from every school block board posters and Twitter users from college message boards all the time. If you use social media and/or discussion forums, I don’t need to explain to you why that is.

Almost all coaches don’t operate their own Twitter accounts, it’s often an SID instead. So don’t be surprised if Weber himself has nothing to do with that “official account.”

Our initial list of potential MU head coaching candidates from Friday night did not include Bruce Weber because this hire just “doesn’t past the eye test,” to quote the phrase that’s often used in regards to NCAA Tournament at-large selection.

Paul M. Banks owns The Sports, an affiliate of Fox Sports. An MBA and Fulbright scholar, he’s also a frequent commentator on national talk radio. The former NBC Chicago and Washington Times contributor has also been featured on the History Channel. President Obama follows him on Twitter (@paulmbanks)

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  1. Marquette Basketball Fan says:

    #Weber4Marquette would be a dream come true to our proud program. This guy can do it all, ya know?

  2. #Weber4Marquette says:

    I like that

  3. Go Quettes! says:

    Bruce desires to be closer to the dairy farms and custard cartel of the upper midwest.

  4. paulmbanks says:

    Wow. lots of love for the idea of Weber to Marquette. He’s a solid guy and a solid coach

  5. Milwaukee Area McD's Evening Manager says:

    This would be a slam dunk for all involved. Bruce gets to return to his roots, UM gets a proven winner, and chicken nuggets are one of the highest margin items on our menu.

  6. Jon Stewart Mills says:

    I would love Bruce to coach my alma-mater! Great guy, better coach!

  7. Marquette booster says:


  8. KyletheEagle says:

    Coach Weber has been successful at every stop. Won a Big 12 Title and was coach of the year at KSU. I pray to the lord in heaven we can get him to Marquette.

  9. DWAYNE WADE says:

    I’m all for this, you guys.

  10. DWAYNE WADE says:

    Who do I gotta pay?

  11. Terri Mitchell says:

    This would be a sweet revenge for K-State beating us out for the WNIT championship we worked so hard for.

    RING OUT AHOYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Jeff Smitze says:

    Bruce Weber would take control of the state of Wisconsin.

  13. Chris Farley says:

    Hey you kids are probably saying to yourselves: I’m gonna go out there and grab the world by the tail! and wrap it around and pull it down and put it in my pocket. Well I’m here to tell you that you’re probably going to find out, as you go out there, that you’re not going to amount to jack squat without Bruce Weber!



  15. Larry Gibbans-Cream says:

    Every friend of mine agrees that we have to hire Weber, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Pat O'Brien says:

    This would be a huge hire. I’d go nuts

  17. Logan Rogerwitz says:

    This is what we call a “home run hire” #GOMARQUETTEEAGLES

  18. Danny Pudi says:

    I cannot think of a better addition to our proud eagle Community than Coach Bruce Weber.

  19. Ethan Webster says:

    MU’s AD would be a huge idiot to not hire Weber. The time to rally is now!

  20. Happy Boynett says:

    Best news I’ve heard all month. Please let this be for real!

  21. Torstein Bjornsen says:

    I swear I will not renew my season tickets if my Golden Eagles blow dis opportunity of a lifetime #WEBER4MARQUETTE

  22. FlyEaglesFly says:

    Really the Perfect fit for my beloved Eagles. Great person, great coach and boy, does that man enjoy fine custard.

  23. Linda1512 says:

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  24. Shaka Smart says:


  25. Brinks Driver says:

    Where does Bruce live so we can back the truck up! #Weber4Marquette

  26. UM 4 EVER says:

    If Marquette can get Bruce Weber, I’m finally going to buy season tickets and make the drive out to games. UM needs a man of the people and Buzz, even with all his wins, just wasn’t that. I want a coach that gets his own dry cleaning, mows his own lawn, and wins the right way. Weber checks every box

  27. bob jones says:

    He only wins with leftover players. Bill Self’s at Illinois, Frank Martin’s at KSU. YOU CAN HAVE HIM!

  28. Michael Smithson '92 says:

    It’s about time MU got back to doing thing the Right Way. I’m darn tired of the thug culture encouraged by buzz. Bruce Weber is a guy who does things right


  29. Marv Marquette says:

    Oh, this news has me excited. I was really ticked off to say the least when Coach Buzz left us, but Bruce Weber is a real class act. I’m letting Bill Cords know just how much I want Bruce. If we don’t get Weber, Marv Marquette may be checking out.

  30. Thomas Sabo says:

    Linda, call me when you see this.

  31. Thomas Sabo says:

    @Linda1512, keep my name out yo mouth

  32. Buzz Dub says:

    What a bunch of freaks. This should answer any questions about why I left.

  33. Donald Rumsfeld says:

    @paulmbanks, keep my name out yo mouth

  34. Marquette fan in Cheboygan says:

    Hello, everyone. I for one think it’s great that our fine university is pursuing a class act like old Bruce Weber. He’s really got it all, eh? I would be tickled pink if we could land him. Oh, and that photograph of Miley under the article is really something else. Good work on this article.

  35. Mike Lieke says:

    Is Weber really interested? We need to lock him up. Hometown boy comeshome!

  36. #1 Marquette Fan says:

    Bruce Weber would be a terrible hire. It has been proven that he can’t win tournament games

  37. North Dakota Oil Man says:

    Hello, everyone. I hope your evening is going nicely. I recently sold some of my mineral rights and received a big pay day. Well, I’m sending my kids to Marquette and they are really down in the dumps about a certain traitor to remain nameless abandoning this storied basketball program. I would like to help out, seeing as how they would appreciate that more than a few new pairs of cargo shorts. Somebody just let me know whose table I need to slide this check under and maybe I can make this happen.

  38. Brad Underwood says:

    Wait, this isn’t where I left my car.

  39. #1 MU Alum says:


  40. Bruce Webber (real) says:

    Ditch the jay hawks, come home Bruce and be an eagle!

  41. Shannon Spradling says:

    What a great coach!

  42. Angel Rodriguez says:

    Why couldn’t this have been a possibility last year?!

  43. Ms. RowdyBoyy says:

    I’m gonna be the classy one and not lower my standards to some white trash uneducated 12 year old… FYI I don’t do meth sweet heart and why would Deavonte want to be with her she ain’t special enough for him to changes his ways….

  44. Bruce Weber's Greatest Facebook Hits says:

    I am in TOTAL Shock and pissed off that TGI Fridays in Champaign, IL is closing.. Who is the person that decided that ? What kind of fool is he ? Just wait till the people of Champaign and Urbana start posting on here.. I am sure I won’t be the only one that is UPSET !

  45. Bruce Weber's Greatest Facebook Hits says:

    what are the ingredients for pastavazoo

  46. Pete - Kopp's Frozen Custard Manager (Brookfield) says:

    If we get Bruce Weber, I am going to buy a new boat and a dozen cases of B&B!

  47. Geoffrey Rak E says:

    As a proud K-State fan and alumni, let me express my disappointment in the Kansas State administration for letting the Weber-to-Marquette rumors swirl as they have. Bruce Weber is not only a great basketball coach, but also a terrific family man. He’s a perfect fit in the Little Apple, and blends in perfectly with our homely hard-working townies. Today’s coaches yell and scream and curse and work around the clock – making backroom deals with agents, AAU coaches and donors while shaking every oily hand they can find. Not Bruce. You are just as likely to find Bruce at YOUR Manhattan Hy-Vee or Dara’s Fast Lane as you are to find him in his office watching film or SnapChatting a recruit. Bruce understands that there is more to life than basketball, and he will continue to communicate that message to his two- and three-star recruits (hopefully!) for many years to come. Bruce has the program headed in the right direction, and with the new facilities upgrades, there is no reason why K-State can’t become the No. 2 team in the state within a few decades, maybe less. (Our university president already has a plan to make us a top 50 public research institution by 2025).

    If AD John Currie lets Weber walk, it will be the biggest mistake of his career, and our program will forever be doomed by the Custard Curse.

  48. Cindy Stubbs says:

    My 16 year old son just pointed me to this article, and I for one as an alum would be very happy to have such an amazing leader, and coach. My eldest son Preston is a junior at MU right now. He was so upset when the traitor left, but has cheered up since I directed him to this article. Let’s hope it is true. EAGLES FLY!

  49. Wisconsin cheesecake says:

    Wtf! Do. Not. Want.

  50. All aboard the Bruce train. Wooooooo wooooooooooo!

  51. Susan Sutherland says:

    Hearing rumors of a Bruce rally tomorrow in front of the Bradley Center at 2, tell your friends, let’s be heard!!! #weber4marquette

  52. Daniel Bryan says:

    YES! YES! YES!

  53. Leon- Leon's Frozen Custard says:

    Welcome coach, I hear you enjoy custard?

  54. Geoffrey Rak E says:


  55. Geoffrey Rak E says:

    go cats!

  56. Buzz Williams says:

    IDGAF about Marquette, but if I did Weber would be my choice to succeed me. Milwaukee is pud city

  57. Johnson & Johnson says:

    It’s 12 (midnight) and all I want is Bruceketball

  58. Johnson & Johnson says:

    Hire Bruce and let the juice loose in the bradley center! I can finally take me and my four daughters to the games without having to deal with vulgar behavior and whatnot. Bruce also mows his own lawn from what I hear…something the traitor!!! (buzz williams) never would do! #BRUCEMADNESSINMILWAUKEE!

  59. D. Scott Fritchen says:


  60. Bob Huggins says:

    You do you, Bruce.They’ll still love you in Manhattan.

  61. Just confirmed that Bruce has reached out to Marquette. It’s a very fluid situation though at this point in time.

  62. Gene Keady says:

    Bruce, when you get caught between the moon and New York City…I know it’s crazy but it’s true….if you get caught between the Moon and New York City, the best that you can do, THE BEST THAT YOU CAN DO, is fall in love.

  63. I think it’s a great move. I spent a few days in Milwaukee once. They have some smart, funny, kind and beautiful young people there. I follow them on twitter (don’t tell Mrs. Fitz)

  64. Steve from Wauwatosa says:

    In my opinion Shaka Smart was the clear leader here, and Bruce Weber is now 2A and Ben Howland is now 2B. It is tough to lose out on Shaka. Shaka was the Menard’s, heads and sholders above the others. Bruce is like Farm and Fleet, while Ben is like Fleet Farm. Sure, Fleet Farm is really good, and has great everyday deals, but Farm and Fleet has the extras (the Carhart section is WAY bigger) that are tough to ignore.

  65. Zoltar Speaks says:

    Your Wish Is Granted

  66. Bruce Weber says:

    In Augusta yesterday for the second straight day, now I’m in Milwaukee.

  67. Rod Schneider says:

    Couldn’t put my hands in my pockets fast enough when I heard about this hire. Great day to be an Eagle!

  68. Underthebus says:

    Bruce weber is a terrible coach and an even worse person. Remember after the Purdue loss when he begged for the players on the other team that he didn’t bother to recruit. Bruce can be described in 2 words: program killer. Killed Illinois and is slowly killing ksu. I pity any face base that has to have him as a coach

  69. J. Dahmer in West Allis says:

    Bruce Weber makes people look at things differently. His “Five Fingers Makes a Fist” speech convinced me that fingers can be used to defeat your opponent–they aren’t just a delicious snack. Hire this man.
    #Weber4Marquette #FistOfGoodness

  70. buzz williams says:

    when weber takes the job will he claim he has kicked my ass?

  71. Bob Strawn says:

    AWWWWW NO :(

  72. istilllikeharv says:

    My 9 observations on Weber to Marquette

    1)He is from that area so he has a rich history there which would help with recruiting

    2)he can easily recruit his type of players and not feel outside pressure

    3) the big east plays fair unlike some of those other coaches ($ELF) IN THE BIG 12

    4)us illini fans who still support bruce could take the short drive up to see him

    5)the custard sales in stores will increase so he is helping people keep their jobs

    6)taking chester with him would be a win win for all involved

    7)bruce will likely go around and shovel peoples sidewalks in teh snow

    8)i need to buy marquette shirts now

    9) i want a life size doll of weber in a marquette shirt

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