Bo Ryan has hilarious answer regarding NCAA Tournament seeding



Will Bo Ryan and his Wisconsin Badgers grab a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament? It’s a topic we’ve put a lot of effort into analyzing lately. Here’s where we have Wisconsin in our latest bracket projection. Obviously we don’t know where they’ll be seeded until Sunday. But if they win tomorrow in the Big Ten semifinals, they’ll play in the Big Ten final; which is the very last game before the bracket is released.

Villanova, Syracuse and Kansas all had a #1 seed in hand; but now all three have lost that opportunity.  Bo Ryan was about #1 seed possibilities following the Badgers 83-57 of the former NCAA bubble team known as the Minnesota Golden Gophers

bo ryan

Reporter: “With Villanova getting beat yesterday, you guys have been mentioned as a possible 1 seed. I just want to know your thoughts about that.”

Bo Ryan: “I never answer anything about seeds. Sunflower seeds, when I used to play baseball, I chewed them. That’s the only seeds I know anything about.

Really, I’ve never answered any of those questions because I really wouldn’t know what to say.”

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