Big Ten Power Rankings: THANKFULLY Conference play is here



I saw the Lindy’s college basketball annual when I was in South Bend today. They have solid Big Ten representation in their top 25. Michigan State is #1 Ohio State is #6, Michigan #10, Indiana #20, Wisconsin #28. And you saw how the Big Ten football has performed so far. So the morale of the story is…the Big Ten is still very much a hoops conference.

And by a very wide margin too.


1. Ohio State Buckeyes 4-0

PLAY SOMEBODY ALREADY. PLAY SOMEONE WHO’S RELEVANT. Oh, wait they are. Wisconsin is coming this Saturday. Okay. now we’ll see what they’re about. Now we’ll learn.

2. Northwestern Wildcats 4-0

Kind of alarming that a FCS opponent out-gained them in total yardage, but Oct 4th will be a big showdown that Evanston has earned the right to be the featured college football game of the day.

They’ve become exactly like the Chicago Bears who are just a 30 minute drive down the lakefront- living on the pick-sixes. NU leads the FBS in interceptions, and they’ve returned four for scores already. It’s like a team of Charles Peanut Tillmans or Mike Brown in 2001. And now that the scrub games are over WE CAN TALK ABOUT THE SHOWDOWN WITH OSU FINALLY

3. Wisconsin Badgers 3-1 (1-0)

For this week’s power rankings, I’m going to sometimes 1.) TYPE IN ALL CAPS SO YOU KNOW I’M YELLING and 2.) insert tweets from those who cover or tweet about the respective teams. From Fox 6 Milwaukee’s Courtney King


4. Michigan State Spartans 3-1

Seriously, Michigan St. wide receivers were actually CATCHING THE BALL IN SOUTH BEND. Well, not always. Sparty got shafted on some phantom P.I. calls.



4. Michigan Wolverines 4-0

6. Nebraska Cornhuskers 3-1


7. Illinois Fighting Illini 2-1

The 2013 team is light years better than 2012.

8. Minnesota Golden Gophers 4-0

Play somebody. This was an awful week of scheduling for college football. Not just the Big Ten, all of FBS.

9. Penn St. Nittany Lions 3-1

Again, this week was essentially college football’s version of the NFL preseason. What you’re watching sort of, kind of resembles football, but isn’t really.

10. Iowa Hawkeyes 3-1

Now that’s you handle Western Michigan! That’s what you should do to a Western Michigan.


11. Purdue Boilermakers 1-3 (0-1)



12. Indiana Hoosiers 2-2


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