VIDEO: Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders make horrible Sharknado spoof


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The Atlanta Hawks organization produced a video that exemplifies what happens when you “over focus group” something. When you take the idea of “content” and really treat the “content” in a corporatized fashion, you end up with this video posted on the Atlanta Hawks YouTube page yesterday. Like the video itself says:

“it’s a transparent attempt to sell more swimsuit calendars.”

And the video’s intro tells us the film registered a rating of H for Horribleness.

So again, the Atlanta Hawks marketers are quite self-aware on this one. They obviously went with a synergy of “Sex sells” (Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders) and Sharknado (a punchline of a film that took over Twitter for a weekend this past summer) to give us this:

The Atlanta Hawks cheerleaders video even includes your basic “Bring it on” style stereotypes, jokes about hair etc pertaining to cheerleaders, which means a cameo from Atlanta Hawks forward Kyle K0rver.

Because if there’s one thing we know about Kyle Korver, it’s that he has beautiful hair. Oh and there’s a “ain’t nobody got time for that” forced into the vid just to make sure it circulates through social media by having a 2013 catch-phrase.

The Atlanta Hawks took a different approach in marketing their dance team swimsuit calendar. Other NBA squads go with a more traditional and low-key approach as you can see here. And neither the Bucks or the Hawks are the Chicago Bulls Luvabulls (check out these behind the scenes vids from their try-outs) Although, these Luvabulls videos of them performing are even better.

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