AJ McCarron falls to round 5, best of #BeforeMcCarronIsDrafted



So I guess AJ McCarron made a really poor impression on NFL scouts and front office people. Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that AJ McCarron, who quarterbacked Alabama to a pair of national titles, rubbed teams “the wrong way” when he met with them heading into the draft. It’s not the first time that we’ve heard things along these lines about AJ McCarron.

NBC’s Pro Football Talk reported that McCarron’s repeated claims that he’d been told by teams that he would be a first-round pick didn’t sit well with some talent evaluators around the league. McCarron said last month that he expected to go as high as the 16th pick no lower than the 35th pick.

Uhm yeah, he was only off by about 150 picks or so when the Cincinnati Bengals finally called his name in round five. After Georgia QB Aaron Murray. I seriously thought AJ McCarrin would be the fourth, fifith or sixth quarterback off the boards. Instead he was the ninth.


I guess AJ McCarron and his fiance Katherine Webb are perfectly matched in that both are more hype than substance. But hey, at least his mom didn’t make any racist tweets tonight! And later delete them.

Anyways, Johnny Manziel took a huge tumble on draft night, so we all had fun on Twitter with #BeforeManzielGetsDrafted. However that’s been covered already by numerous sports blogs. Right now, we’re going to look at the best of #BeforeMcCarronIsDrafted

It’s just a shame that I didn’t have time to throw in that “I’ll convert my entire wardrobe to skin tight t-shirts by Affliction” #BeforeMcCarronIsDrafted and/or My Facebook status update will be “Dude man I got do wasted tonight” #BeforeMcCarronIsDrafted.

Anyways, here’s some of the best of the AJ McCarron schadenfreude.

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