Adam Dunn will probably go to the Academy Awards

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White Sox slugger Adam Dunn will likely walk the red carpet at the Academy Awards Sunday night. Dunn got an invite as one of the primary investors in “Dallas Buyers Club.’’ He also made a cameo as a bartender. Adam Dunn hasn’t confirmed yet whether or not he’s going to leave spring training in Arizona for The Oscars in L.A. It’s such a short trip, he ought to do it. Adam Dunn ought to have some sort of professional satisfaction in his life.

He ought to feel like he’s actually accomplished something in his work life these past couple years, because he certainly hasn’t accomplished anything as a member of the Chicago White Sox.

Adam Dunn will get to the red carpet on Hollywood’s biggest night before he ever gets to a .220+ batting average again in his Major League Baseball career.

And in the award category for “Worst contract on Chicago sports history,” the nominees are:

Adam Dunn
Jaime Navarro
Alfonso Soriano
Adam Dunn.

And the award goes to…..Adam Dunn!

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