Hope Solo is Picture Perfect and not Kim Kardashian (MANY PHOTOS)

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Hope Solo went from female soccer star to one of the most searched women on the internet during and after the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany. What makes her so special? Why is she good for sports? A better role model for young females than Kim Kardashian, Danica Patrick, Jenn Brown, Megan Fox or even Erin Andrews?

The Sportsbank investigates five reasons why Hope Solo was the biggest story in our site’s history with photos and facts against other top searched females:

So without further delay, let the debate begin as to why Hope Solo is a better role model for kids than most big-name celebrities.

1-  Hope Solo Gives More than the T-Mobile Girl

Look no further than her making the U.S. Roster for the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Despite missing much of the qualifying campaign with a shoulder injury, she gave more by giving up less, in wins over North Korea and Colombia. The T-Mobile girl may offer the best deals on minutes, but as a goaltender, Hope Solo doesn’t give up much in those minutes. She once went 1,054 minutes without allowing a goal!


2- Hope Solo may be Italian, but she’s not Jersey Shore

Thank God! Her father was Italian, grew up in the Bronx, and was a U.S. veteran. With his guidance, she worked hard at being the best in a sport she loved to play. Rather than fist pumping and getting drunk, Solo scored 109 goals in high school alone, twice being named All-American.  Her story is not reality television, it’s the stuff true story movies are made of.  The only “Situation” in her career was being the best she could be.  A great team mate…not a Snooki stealing spotlights, Solo once removed herself from a game to avoid having comments she made about another player being a distraction.  For sure NOT a Jersey thing!


3- Hope Solo gives has more “back” than Kim Kardashian and more skills than Megan Fox

Hope Solo made a career from having her team’s back in the net and by being a team player in every step of her career. Solo became the twenty-seventh American woman, and only the SECOND goalkeeper, to reach 100 caps with her start in the 3–1 semifinal win over France. Despite being the losing goalkeeper in the 2011 World Cup Final to Japan, Solo won the “Golden Glove” award for best goalkeeper, and the “Bronze Ball” award for her overall performance. Megan Fox?  Kicked off the Transformers franchise for being a hard to manage diva.  Kim Kardashian became famous dating athletes and stars. Hope Solo became famous because she is a star athlete.


4-Hope Solo has accomplished more than Danica Patrick or Erin Andrews.

Any woman that can achieve notoriety in a male-dominated sporting world is amazing. And while I tip my socks to Danica Patrick for all she has done for Formula One racing, I say that Hope Solo has actually walked the walk by bringing home gold.  At the University of Washington, Hope Solo began her goalkeeper career and by the end was the team’s all-time leader in shutouts, saves, and goals-against average (GAA). She was a four-time All-Pac-10 selection and a three-time NSCAA All-American. Danica Patrick broke barriers, but Solo broke records. Erin Andrews has broken through by covering sports.  Jenn Brown is trying to break through by being beautiful.  Hope Solo broke through by beautifuly winning at sports. She has a passion for the military, honoring our troops just like Mila Kunis did by agreeing to attend a military ball with a Marine who asked her out on You Tube. Class at every turn.


Hope Solo has scored a goal with the hearts of everyone across America and deserves it.  You go girl! Your talents speak for themselves!



Soxman is a Sportsbank senior contributor and a White Sox columnist and sports reporter for Chicago Tribune Red Eye Edition. He’s also a frequent guest on local television and radio programs in Chicago. You can e-mail him at thesoxman72@yahoo.com or follow him on Twitter: @thesoxman72.

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  1. paulmbanks says:

    you know this was the first thing I was going to read on the site today that wasn;t mine!

    this is my kind of story! well done SM

  2. Travis Jenkins says:

    Hope Solo is not even in the same beauty category as Erin Andrews, Kim K, Megan Fox, or Jenn Brown. She is semi-attractive at best. Don’t know why all of America is falling all over themselves over this chick?!?!

  3. hubba-bubba says:

    Danica Patrick does not drive F1. You are a sports reporter for who??? Zell must have hired you.

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