ESPN’s Jenn Brown: Ultimate Photo Collection and Biography Page


ESPN’s Jenn Brown is a former bikini model (which obviously gives her serious journalistic credentials) and gymnast (again making her extremely qualified). She also attended the same school (University of Florida) as the reigning Media Princess Erin Andrews.

Jenn Brown is probably number two in the sideline reporter pecking order

Jenn Brown ’s original ESPN appearances in the fall of 2009 inspired a huge buzz on Twitter, the search engines, pretty much anything social media that college football weekend.

I’ve created a SEO term “Jenn Brown Effect” to describe a certain search pattern/phenomenon. I even made a chart/graph for it, and I hope to get it out there when I attend Search Engine Strategies conference next month. I’ve seen the Jenn Brown Effect in other sideline princesses, but with her the effect/pattern is the most recognizable, so I named it after her.

The 30 year reporter is a hot search term every Thursday when she does the weekly college football game.

Want more Jenn Brown pics, we got more Jenn Brown pics



By the way she also played softball at the University of Florida. These pictures below are courtesy of Brown’s public Tweet Photo Album. Follow her on Twitter here



And of course more bikini and otherwise hot pics.


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  1. rob kirkwood jr says:

    i knew jenn brown was a knockout but till now i never knew how beautiful her feet are. i was blown away n she is on my top 10 feet list. jenn please more pics with ur perfect soles. i would gladly be her footslave!


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