10 Hottest Canadian Female Celebrities (PICTURES)


Yesterday was our Independence Day as you well know. But this past Friday was the more overlooked Canadian Independence Day (more on that here). Since Canada Day on July 1, this site has seen a significant surge in traffic from users in Canada. I do hope that many of them coming to this site are beautiful women like the ones featured in this post. It’s interesting just how many drop dead gorgeous celebrity women have come from the Great White North. (We also did our 10 hottest Jewish women during Hannukah, check that out)

Limiting it to ten entailed some tough decisions. We begin with Elisha Cuthbert, perhaps the most famous jersey chaser in history. Celebrate the current NHL free agency period by ogling the pic above of the world’s most prominent hockey playerophile


estella warren

Estella Warren is a very accomplished synchronized swimmer. She’s also very effective at driving drunk and trying to elude police.

By the way, this is list is not ranked and compiled in no particular order.


Avril Lavigne

Evangeline Lilly

rachel mcadams

Rachel McAdams

Nelly Furtado

Pamela Anderson was the first child born in Canada when the nation celebrated it’s centennial, July 1st, 1967. Granted Pam today is a completely different animal (different species actually) than say 1992 Pam, but she was still an American sex symbol for a generation. Despite being from British Columbia.


Trish Stratus

hazel mae

Hazel Mae, had to include a sports media personality

Shania Twain

Honorable Mention: Ellen Page, Alanis Morrissette, Shannon Tweed, Sarah Chalke, Neve Campbell, Rachel Blanchard, Jayde Nicole, Ellen Page

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  1. ill bang esstella but other than that amarican gils ar better

  2. james needs some book learnin

  3. paulmbanks says:

    Yes, that’s damn fine spelling right there

  4. Bob Hrustyk says:

    Might I dare ask if you know of Celine Dion?

  5. paulmbanks says:

    Had I done this list 15 years ago, certainly

  6. paulmbanks says:

    and yes, he’s right “Amarican gils ar better” We’ve developed gills to breathe underwater, evolving ahead of Canadians U-S-A U-S-A!

  7. Fuk yankees.

  8. paulmbanks says:

    This is directed to SydJ nad SydJ only:

    “yeah, well we kicked your ass in the war of 1812. remember the Rideau Canal?”

  9. Triviamonster says:

    Atten: paulmbanks. We burned Washington DC during the war of 1812. The White House gets its name because the Americans had to white wash it to get rid of the smoke stains. The battle of New Orleans was fought after the war was over. Remember the battle of QueenstonHeights? Native Canadians and militia kicked your regular’s asses. Sorry yanks but you did not do particularily well in that war. If we weren’t fighting Napoleon at the same time we would have kicked your butts good. Don’t feel too bad, you can still buy our oil.

  10. paulmbanks says:

    Oh please! That was all the British!

    Canada didn’t even form it’s own army until long after 1867, when they were made free from the British empire. And the Canadian military wasn’t even considered legitimate until WWI when they scored the Vimy Ridge victory in France.

    Sure, out empire is in serious decline and China will no doubt supplant us in the next 20-30 years, but at least we had an empire.

    It’s cool though, Ontario is still like the 51st state to us. And if we have to pretend to be from another country when visiting hostile nations that hate us, we’ll still pretend to be Canadian when we have to.

  11. I’d say something about including Shannon Tweed (even if only in your ‘honorable mentions’, but you’re nobody and your opinion doesn’t matter. Enjoy being a little jealous butthurt bitch! :)

  12. Stephanie Hamilton says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. Shannon is not only gorgeous on the outside, she’s beautiful on the inside as well, as we have all seen by watching her show “Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels” She has the patience of Job, a strong, witty personality, and is just a beautiful person, regardless of what age she is, in case you are going to bring that up.

    BTW, I’m surprised someone in your position would stoop so low as to start a childish argument of “us vs. them”. As a proud Canadian who is equally proud to have the U.S. as a very close neighbour and ally, most of the time, it makes me sad to see that some people are still engaging in this kind of petty talk. Can’t we all just get along???

  13. paulmbanks says:

    of course we can. I was just egging him on. I vacationed in Montreal and Quebec this summer, and went to Vancouver last year. One of the most beautiful cities on the planet in my opinion.

    I was just playin with that guy. I love Canada. I even had it the national anthem as my ring tone for part of ’06

    and yeah Shannon Tweed is hot. shoulda been ranked higher

  14. How bout Linda Evangelista, Natasha Henstridge, Lolita Davidovich, Tricia Helfer. Avril lavigne are you kidding me wtf is so hot about her? Also Malin Akerman.

  15. I would have to say that the list is good but I think Kristin Kreuk should have made it on the list instead of Avril Lavigne.

  16. I would have to agree with Nick,

    Avril is really not hot, Kristin Kreuk is much hotter. Do a search for Melissa Ford(she is hotter than everyone on that list), Jessica Lucas (who is damn hot as well). Your list is quite ethnically challenged.

    You did have some good ones in there though.

  17. none of these girls compare to megan fox, jessica alba, or any other american girls.

  18. Best Mac Games says:

    they’re so pretty..thanks for nice post!

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  20. False advertising! The link says “how does the rest of her body look like” and I still dont know – I was expecting she’s got a giant butt or hairy testicles or flippers or some other amusing freak thing. Or at the very least she would be naked. Just boring glamour shots of some other people???

  21. I could smell their pussies from here.

  22. Kenny you obviously have no taste in women and are just some 34yr old living in his moms basement to hold megan fox on such a high pedestal, jessica alba is very pretty and I can admit that christina hendrix is gorgeous or scarlet johanson is a knock out 10…but megan fox?..Bitch please she’s overrated, she can’t act and has no curves like christina or johanson, shit even jessica’s got something on her. If it were up to me she would be a nobody.

  23. @ the canadian vs american war:
    you cant have a poutine without fries ;D

  24. Feldwebel Wolfenstool says:

    No Rita McNeil?

  25. What about Tricia Helfer. You might know her under the name #6 from battlestar galactica.
    Really hot She should be top 3. And she’s from Donalda, Alberta, Canada.

    Anyone agree?

  26. Web Design Minnesota says:

    They are all beautiful, but still i love Avril Lavigne and her songs too!

  27. Where the hell is Kristin Kreuk ? She was born and lives in Canada and she is hotter than half of the girls mentioned !

  28. Other than Cuthbert, I see hotter chicks than these all over the place. This is not the best Canada has to offer…A shame really.

  29. Where is Robin Scherbatsky? XD

  30. Totally agree Olifaxe!

  31. Elisha is the best nice girl that i never seen,but she have not a nice ass.

  32. Stteven Austin says:

    They are all pedestrian in comparison to The Canadian Long Track Skater Nicole Garrido! She makes Katerina Le May Doan look like yesterday’s newspaper! A true Canadian Stunner!

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  34. Another worthy list. I love Canadian women. I think there are a couple of other women who should be included: Yasmeen Ghaury and Nina Dobrev come readily to mind, and if we’re going to add a sports personality, I always thought Jody Vance was hot in a librarian kind of way.

  35. Yes ,
    i want to live with it
    Thank you


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