PSU fans make Joe Paterno lego portrait, cutouts, vigil for wins

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There is still a mourning period at Penn State for the late coach Joe Paterno. There are Joe Paterno shrines, portraits made out of Legos and life-sized cutouts. After the Penn State-Michigan game Saturday night, there was a vigil to remember Paterno’s “lost wins,” and one local daily up in State College spent more ink on that vigil than on Penn State’s four-overtime victory over Michigan. Arguably the biggest win in the Bill O’Brien era, and the coming out party of Christian Hackenberg.

Can anything make Penn State fans move on from the Joe Paterno era at Penn State? Or will the Joe Bots only increase in numbers, instead of going away?

Did the ghost of Joe Paterno have a hand in the recruiting of David Njoku?

Fans held a vigil for a NUMBER, basically, the number of wins that Joe Paterno and the Penn State program had to vacate because of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal.



If Penn State fans and members of the State College community are holding vigils for the victims of sexual assault and abuse, why aren’t those stories getting more publicity?

How do the parents of the children who were molested by Jerry Sandusky (and others) feel about those life-size cutouts and Lego portraits of Joe Paterno?

Why doesn’t someone do a story on them and how they feel?


And Twitter was all agog over the weekend with Joe Paterno references that he was looking down upon the game and “even in heaven JoePa makes things happen.”

No, Joe Paterno has nothing to do with it anymore.

He’s dead. He died from natural causes and nothing more.

And Joe Paterno had nothing to do with Penn State winning that game Saturday night. Joe Paterno wasn’t on the field making plays; football players were on the field doing what they do best. Like Allen Robinson. Who’s probably the best receiver in the Big Ten right now.

The Big Lead calls the culture at Penn State “callous and delusional.”

I couldn’t agree more.


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  1. Joe Focciagalupe says:

    People in Chi said Papa Bear moved the ball from Sean Lendatta when he whiffed a punt in a 1985 NFL playoff game. That’s what people do.

  2. What did Joe Paterno have to do with the sexual assault of these kids? The district attorney at the time said Paterno was the only person who did what he was supposed to. Just recently the lead prosecutor against Sandusky said there is no evidence that Paterno DID ANYTHING to cover this up. So what is wrong with supporters of Coach Paterno honoring his legacy and be pissed off at the injustices done to his legacy. Smearing his name and taking away victories was uncalled for. Paterno supporters feel for the victims but the man responsible for all of this is in jail. Nothing wrong with honoring a great man like Joe Paterno.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The same kids who played those wins taken away had nothing to do with Jerry

  4. I’m just another ignorant reporter who does not do her homework obviously but you people read my ignorant slop anyway. My job is so simple. All I have to do is form
    an opinion on any subject that I’m not qualified to comment on

  5. Charles Von Galt says:

    Instead of attributing some sinister motive to Paterno (and to all of the other blamed in this saga), why can’t you do some critical thinking and not just make ridiculous unsupported conclusions like Louis Freeh and the NCAA did ? First, if there are people to blame besides the obvious in Sandusky, there are at least a dozen people to blame before Joe Paterno, and so stop with the false outrage about “oh, what would the victims think about these vigils and cut-outs ?” Please. Their outrage could be at a bunch of people well before you ascribe blame to Paterno. Don’t you get that Paterno and scores of others simply did not think that Sandusky was a molester ? You would have us believe that all these folks at penn state and at Sandusky’s second mile charity KNEW he was molesting kids and still let him come around their facilities all the way up to the end when he was indicted ?! That makes ZERO sense. He was only “roaming free” as you morons like to say because people did not think he was doing all this stuff! Period! It was not to protect football, which hasn’t been that great at Penn State, except for a few moments, since the 90s. Freeh, the BOT, the media, and the NCAA manufactured a false motive and went wild with it. Now, except for a few journalists and bloggers out there with some integrity, none of you can admit you jumped the gun on this one. So, you stick with your nonsense, complaining about people wanting to honor a guy with 61 years of exemplary service when the guy was unfairly and brutally smeared by immoral people like you.

  6. For your information, they had a vigil for child abuse. Maybe you should do some researching. Joe bots seem to be decreasing, though will always be in support. I am sure Bama fans were sad to see Bear pass away. As for the cutouts, they have been selling those for years and many people have had them.
    Yes, you are right, you form on opinion and write about, though you need to write about what you know, not something you have no clue about. And because you know nothing about it, it does make you ignorant in you’re understanding of what Penn State is, because it is more than Jerry Sandusky, or Joe Paterno, it is campuses across the commonwealth of Pennsylvania that give people that chance for an education to roughly 90,000 people. As for the football team does their part with their education too.

  7. carolineredbrook says:

    @Charles Von Galt: Do you own stock in Kool-Aid or what? It does not speak well for Penn State’s teaching abilities that it has produced so many delusional students and alumni. MM, according to Joe Poo’s own sworn testimony told him that “it was sexual in nature”. With that knowledge, Paterno, should definitely have taken immediate action. With his stature at PSU, Paterno could have solved the problem immediately! He chose to sacrifice “Success With Honor” in exchange for a Cover-Up that caused many other boys to be sexually abused by Sandusky. Enablers such as PSU, Paterno, etc. are just as guilty as the perpetrators themselves and should be held equally responsible legally. Delusional posters like yourself denigrate yourselves to the level of enablers of enablers.

  8. paulmbanks says:

    Good pt Joe!

    I do remember idiots saying the ghost of Walter Payton made the Packers miss a FG in ’99 right after he died. I forgot about those morons

  9. THE REAL Helen Salinger says:

    I did not post that earlier comment attributed to me. Let’s make that clear. Someone else did pretending to be me.

  10. you idiots that dont know Penn State should really jus shut up. Helen ever go to a game, ever go on campus. There are very few campuses that can hold a candle to PSU. They are a school that actually try to get the athletes degrees instead of just being a NFL farm team like the SEC where 3/4 of the players cant even talk. Keep believing all the medias spew, same spew that has this country all screwed up.

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