NBC adds Lindsey Vonn to Sochi Olympics On-Air talent roster


Lindsey Vonn is not going to Sochi. She will not be healthy enough to participate in the 2014 Winter Olympiad. However, she will still be part of NBC Sports Group’s coverage of the Winter Games in Sochi. Even though she won’t be there.

Obviously, this is NBC getting desperate and really reaching to do anything they can to maximize their television ratings for the event. You know the corporate suits at The Peacock panicked when they found out Lindsey Vonn was not far along enough in her rehab to compete at the Winter Olympics.

So they had to do something. Even if it is grasping at straws. NBC Sports Group sent out a press release a few minutes ago announcing the arrival of Lindsey Vonn to the staff of on-air talent.

Hey, she’s got beautiful hair and facial features. And the best legs on the planet. (her decision-making and taste in men is a different story though, as she obviously picked the most famous man she could find following her divorce, so she could therefore garner as much publicity as possible)

Anyways, Lindsey Vonn will bring in the viewers.


The champion downhill skier will be live on the Tuesday January 28th edition of on NBC’s Today. There, Lindsey Vonn will discuss her upcoming daily role with NBC and give an update on her training and rehabilitation since her announcement of withdrawal from Sochi.

Lindsey Vonn will cover how the athletes prepare physically and mentally for the Games, and she will share some of her favorite memories. After the official start of the Olympics, she will continue her reporting for TODAY and NBC Sports from the U.S.


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  1. I don’t care about either their fucking narcissist! I do feeling kinda sorry for her when drops like a lead balloon…

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