Nastia Liukin trying to help increase interest in gymnastics


Nastia Liukin, a current student at New York University, is trying to help grow the popularity of gymnastics in the United States. Yesterday, NBC Sports, Universal and USA Gymnastics announced an extension of their current broadcast rights deal. That includes Nastia Liukin Cup which was shown on Universal Sports on Feb. 28.

Liukin won gold in the all-around at the 2008 Beijing Games, landing her many endorsements later, including the high profile Subway ads.

“OMG? The Fritos go ON the sub?”

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Mother of Reeva Steenkamp speaks out for the first time


Reeva Steenkamp’s mother speaks publicly for the first time since the start of the Pistorius trial.

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Reeva Steenkamp: the woman Oscar Pistorius took from this world


This post is going to be all about Reeva Steenkamp instead of focusing on track and field star Oscar Pistorius, who’s murder trial began today. Why? Because the media over-saturates coverage of the shooter in these types of cases, not the victim. Steenkamp was a model and 30-year-old law school graduate, who had been dating Pistorius for several months when Pistorius shot and killed her.

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Sochi Olympics: 2nd worst television ratings in 20 years


During the Sochi Olympics, NBC took blatant self-promotion/cross-promotion to an art form. Remember this is the only network that ever made a sitcom about itself. Every network does conference calls with the media, featuring their on-air talent and producers, but NBC is more aggressive at turning those conference calls into infomercials. And the Sochi Olympics conference calls were brutal!

During the Winter Games, NBC sent two to three press releases a day about their own ratings numbers. Think about that, imagine getting 30 press releases in your inbox over a two week span from a media company about Nielsen numbers. Of course, these releases weren’t actually news, they were cherry-picked numbers and self-congratulatory statistics designed to try and inflate their own self-worth.

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Tara Lipinski gets new gig with Access Hollywood


Tara Lipinski is one of the few big winners in the Sochi Winter Olympics, from an American stand point. Well, we did alright in the medal count, but we didn’t exactly set the world afire. Except in all those fake sports created by ESPN in the past decade or so for their Winter X-Games. We dominated those ‘MERICA!!

But Tara brought it. In the announcing game. And now Tara Lipinski is being rewarded for displaying her A-game, with a new gig within the Evil Empire of NBC Broadcasting Corporation.


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Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan feud renewed by documentaries


Twenty years ago, we were engrossed by the Tonya Harding vs Nancy Kerrigan “skategate” soap opera, the likes of which we’ve never seen in sports and never will again.One of the most dramatic episodes in Winter Olympics history, the three-hour telecast of the 1994 ladies’ figure skating short-program competition was viewed by more than 126 million Americans – ranking as the fourth-most viewed show at that time in U.S. history (according to Nielsen data released by CBS, which televised the event). In addition, the competition earned a 48.5 rating – meaning nearly 50 percent of the country’s television homes were tuned in – a number which has not been matched since by any television program.

Before the closing ceremonies in Sochi, NBC will air “Nancy and Tonya” which is a competing documentary to ESPN ‘s The Price of Gold. (full review and reaction of that one here) Kerrigan wasn’t interested in being interviewed for the ESPN 30 for 30, but she will be in this one.


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Nancy Kerrigan’s story to be told by NBC Special Sunday night


Nancy Kerrigan joined NBC Olympics for its 2014 Olympic Winter Games coverage in Sochi, Russia. She’s done some solid tv analyst work, offering this on Gracie Gold: “Well of course with a name like Gracie Gold, it’s so perfect for figure skating, and she has the goods. She is so talented…she has been training so hard…working on the nuances and she is ready – she’s a fighter.”

Kerrigan on Ashley Wagner: “Ashley has this determination and fire, and I think after the team program where she was a little disappointed in her score, she has a lot to prove – to her country after placing fourth at the U.S. championships, but also to herself.” Another former champion, Tara Lipinski, is really doing a bang-up job as a skating analyst as well.

Instead of reporting on current skaters, Nancy Kerrigan she will be reported on, in a new NBC Documentary entitled “Nancy and Tonya” which will air immediately preceding the Closing ceremonies.

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Former Soviet propagandist Vladimir Pozner hosting Closing Ceremonies


Sunday Night Football commentators Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth, and Olympic correspondent Vladimir Pozner, will host NBC’s coverage of the Sochi Olympics Closing Ceremony tomorrow night, the final night of the XXII Olympic Winter Games from Sochi, Russia. Bob Costas will anchor NBC’s studio coverage.

The Closing Ceremony will include Russian pageantry and the parade of flags and athletes from countries participating in the Sochi Games. The ceremony culminates with the extinguishing of the Olympic flame.

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Bob Costas Olympic Essay on The Ukraine


Say the word Ukraine to any American, and the first thing that comes to mind is the joke from the Seinfeld episode when Newman was playing Kramer, and you had that angry man on the subway “you think Ukraine is week? Ukraine is not weak! Ukraine is STRONG!”

And it was a really funny bit, but now it’s time for us to be serious. Because what’s going on in the Ukraine is quite serious.

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Tara Lipinski on Ashley Wagner calling out the B.S. in figure skating


Tara Lipinski has been owning it on the commentating front this Sochi Winter Olympics. Just like Tara Lipinski owned it during the figure skating program at the 1998 Nagano Winter games.

American skater Ashley Wagner became this Olympics’ McKayla Maroney for her “that’s bullsh**” reaction face, and the memes that look inspired soon took off.

Wagner harshly ripped figure skating’s hierarchy and the Winter Olympic judges on Thursday night after being pushed down to seventh in the ladies’ individual competition.

Last night, Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir opined on the judging in Thursday’s ladies’ free skate competition:


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Ashley Wagner rips Olympic Figure Skating Judges Hypocrisy


American skater Ashley Wagner became this Olympics McKayla Maroney for her “that’s bullsh**” reaction face, and the meme it inspired which took off. Ashley Wagner
even made a funny online Valentine’s Day card out of the meme. Which you can see after the jump. And now today Wagner harshly ripped figure skating’s hierarchy and the Winter Olympics judges on Thursday night after being pushed down to seventh in the ladies’ individual competition.

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Blackhawks Legend Jeremy Roenick talks Olympic Hockey


Chicago Blackhawks legend Jeremy Roenick was on conference call with the media to promote the Sochi Winter Olympics. Therefore I was privileged enough to talk some winter games with J.R. Here’s some of the highlights from Jeremy Roenick.

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