Deadspin chronicles Darren Rovell’s awkward supermodel exchanges



I’ve often said that if the Darren Rovell Twitter account were a human being, and a high school student, it would get beat up repeatedly.

Each day, the jocks would take the Darren Rovell Twitter persona and shove him in the locker. The greatest example of Darren Rovell being awkward in social media occurs when he interacts with Kate Upton; or tells us how the Playboy Mansion Super Bowl party is lame; at least by his standards.

Yes, Darren Rovell hanging out with the Prom Queens and Head Cheerleaders is always amusing:

from Deadspin:

Darren Rovell interviews Nora Tobin, a model he’d never heard until he saw her in an advertisement on his blog. The story doubles as free advertisement for an advertiser advertising on his blog.

Not a surprise, as I’ve given the Darren Rovell Award out to those who act Rovellian. To be Rovellian, to earn a Darren Rovell award, is to give us blatant product placement disguised as content.

Back to Deadspin:

Rovell responds by claiming that he has been friends with Nora Tobin for a decade, even though he’d never heard of until he saw her in an advertisement on his blog in 2009. A decade ago, Nora Tobin would’ve been 15


A Twitter user puts the smack on Darren, everyone’s least favorite Northwestern graduate media member. Yes, he’s more disliked than Tim Doyle.

Here’s Deadspin’s take on Darren Rovell making the weird fake proposal to Kate Upton; and his complaining about the Playboy Super Bowl party.


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