VIDEO: Bill Belichick takes uselessness of pressers to new low

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We all know how painful the press conferences of Bill Belichick can be. We know what pointless exercises they indeed are. This is true of most postgame press conferences, but Belichick takes it up a notch. If a coach or player sees me roll my eyes when I hear “one game at a time,” “adversity,” or “we didn’t play Michigan football” I’m okay with that. Because those are phrases worthy of eye-rolling.

Watch Bill Belichick in action as everyone wants to ask him about the controversial ending in which his  team got screwed. And Belichick of course says nothing.

Some facts, figures and observations from USA Today, For the Win:

Number of times Belichick said “I don’t know”: 6

Number of times Belichick knew, but figured “I don’t know” was preferable than saying what he was actually thinking: 6
Number of times Belichick answered a question with a question: 8.

Most uncomfortable moment: When Belichick responded to yet another question about whether he got a postgame explanation from officials. “That’s the fourth time on that.”

Second-most uncomfortable moment: When Belichick stared down a reporter while asking, “so what’s the question?”

Longest pause: 14 seconds


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