Update on Kate Upton’s Super Bowl ad (video)


Supermodel and hottest woman alive Kate Upton is no stranger to sports. The SI covergirl went to the Wolverines-Buckeyes game, pitches a MLB video game and dates Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander.

She’ll also have an ad this Super Bowl for Mercedes-Benz. The ad “teaser” leaked this week, and some people found it corny. Others found it too sexy. You can watch it below? How is this controversial? Too hot? It’s rather tame and mild in my opinion. I guess the people offended by it are just terrorists. But it turns out that’s not even the real SB commercial.


So here’s an update on the real commercial via Yahoo:

The commercial you’ll see during the big game on February 3rd features the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover girl all dolled up on a red carpet, not wearing bootie shorts and washing a car. Tired of posing alone, she grabs a schlub (played by actor Sebastian Beacon) who’s just rolled up in a Mercedes-Benz CLA. But she’s not the only celebrity in the clip.

The schlub takes over the dance floor with Usher before leaving with Upton and a car full of models, all while making a deal with the devil. Now, who’s playing that devil, we’re not entirely sure – they wouldn’t even show us. All we know is that he’s a two-time Oscar nominee and has a deep, mature voice.

From Ad Age:

In its last Super Bowl appearance, Mercedes ran a 60-second ad in the fourth quarter that depicted past and present car models escaping garages, showrooms and driveways to welcome a new lineup of autos. Entrepreneur Sean Combs, also known as Diddy, had a featured role. The automaker intends to run its 2013 ad in the fourth quarter as well, according to a spokeswoman for the company. Already, news reports suggest model Kate Upton and singer Usher will be featured in the new effort.

I can picture it now, first album lyrics “Do Puff drive Mercedes? Do Ma$e get the ladies?” The German automaker has another advantage this Super Bowl: its name on the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, where the 2013 Super Bowl will unfold.


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