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The Seattle Seahawks were able to smash Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. The best in offense of the league, the Broncos, was able to score just eight points against the best defense of the league, the Seahawks. At the same time, Seattle scored 43 points, leaving no question about which is the best team in overall this season in the NFL. The big question now in the NFL world is who can beat the Seahawks next season.

Seattle definitely looks powerful heading to the 2014 season. What the Seahawks achieved made fans from around the league really wonder if there will be an opponent able to take them down in the 2014 season. If the Denver Broncos, the best offensive team in the league which possesses the 2013 AP MVP, Peyton Manning was beaten that easily by Seattle, then which team could really stand up firm against the defending champions?

One team that could emerge as a contender is the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles recorded an impressive season in 2013 and they seem to have some potential to be even better in 2014. The Eagles fell to the New Orleans Saints during the playoffs but the game was really tight. Now that the team will have the time and the material to work on its game, during the course of the 2014 season and under the guidance of a new coach, Chip Kelly, Philadelphia could quickly emerge as a contender. The Eagles were the second best offense in the NFL, trailing only the Broncos and what better matchup could there be for the Seattle Seahawks. After beating the team’s best offense, they could possibly lineup against the second-best one next season.

Of course, teams like the Denver Broncos, the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts should also be considered as title contenders.

The Broncos will certainly have to pay attention to the fact that their roster is aging. Peyton Manning, if he plays next season, will be 38 years old. Of course, he could still be arguably the best quarterback in the league and record a career-season. Nonetheless, the Broncos certainly don’t have the upper hand in a match-up against the surging Seahawks and that was clearly exposed this year.

The Pats on the other hand look like a team with lots of future potential. They have a talented core of young players, which includes names like Julian Edelman, LaGarrette Blount and Danny Amendola but also Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady. With a couple of tweaks in their roster, the Patriots could become a really powerful team, with lots of potential to dethrone the Seahawks.

As for the Colts, they were the only team in the league that was able to beat the Seahawks. In a game where Russell Wilson was just 15-for-31 and also recorded one touchdown and one interception, Andrew Luck from the Colts threw two touchdowns. The Colts will certainly be one of the teams that could threaten the Seahawks next season.

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  1. The NFC is certainly hard to predict, but I felt the Eagles overachieved this past year. Chip Kelly is a great coach, but the Eagles are many pieces away from competing in my opinion. Nick Foles was fantastic and there’s no way he doesn’t regress a bit. The defense was better down the stretch, but this team lacks dominant playmakers like the Seahawks have. However, they do benefit from being in one of the worst divisions.

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